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10 Yr Reunion Photos

These are all the 10 Year photos, Enjoy!



Jan Jensen, Annette Milner, Christine Jensen, Tammy Lloyd

Keri Wolsey and Gaye Crawley

Jane Maxwell

Cindy Clark and spouse

Jim Woodard and Bob Thurston

Julie Smith and spouse, Deon Blaser/Dave Sagers, Ed Terris and spouse, Nena Brereton

Jan Stewart and spouse, Cindy Clark and spouse

Kelly Cloward and spouse, Merilyn Cordner and Doug Ulrich

Ed Terris and spouse, Julie Anderson, Ann Gardner

Jamielyn Harmon

Bob Thurston and Brent Adams

Bruce Frampton

Sandra Smith and Spouse Larry VanBloom 

Steve Perry and spouse

Dave Dunkley, ??? and Steve Allred

Tod Balser and spouse

Carrie Grover

Joanne Hatch

Tracy Rawle's spouse, Joe Simmons and spouse, Steve Allred

Cindy Clark and Brad Bigler

Mike Jensen, Todd & Deanna Ashman

Cheryl Parker (Blair Parker's wife) Caylynn Collard, Teresa Harding and Chris Wells

Paul McOmber, Kim Woolf and spouse, Blair Parker, Bruce Frampton, Brent Tregaskis

Chris Wells, Kristie Brereton and Dale Blackett


Andrea Knell and Dave Dunkley


Natalie DeWolf, Shelly Hartvigsen, Nora Malone

Scott Bergera, Dave Dunkley, ??? and Ray Lines

Brent Adams and Carolee Wilkinson


???, Cheryl Mortensen (Bateman), ???, Randy Beckham and Kim Woolf, Mike Bateman, Donna Gardner, Lon Allen

Paul Moore

Robert Heaton

Annie Lyman and spouse

Gordon Willis and spouse


??? and Melissa Hickman


Joanna Billings


???, Tracy Rawle, Rick Chatwin, ???

???, Jan Stewart and spouse

Randy Beckham, ???, Natalie DeWolf

Mike Porter and wife


Brad Bigler, Paul Moore and ???


Ray and Sharon Lines


Karen Ferre , Barbara Francom and spouse.

??? and ???

LeNeve Kimball  (Hatch)- Bruce and Connie (Bird) Frampton - Mischel (Youngkeit) and Rodney Wilkinson

??? and wife - Randy Bullock and Leigh Lambert

JoAnna Billings, Miriam Batley, Nora Malone

Kelly Arnold, Jenean Barnett and ???

Alison Tuckett and spouse

Jan Stewart (Schindler)

Rick Chatwin and wife - Brent Tregaskis

Scott Bergera and wife - Brad Bigler

Miriam Batley - Alison Tuckett - Gary Bastian

Mark McKell and wife

Tracy Rawle and wife - Joe Simmons and wife

Steve Harper and Karen Jones

??? - Kim Wolf and spouse

Vincent Bussio and wife

Maria Covey - Ken Webb, wife and family

Jan Jensen, Tami Lloyd, Cindy Clark, Jan Stewart, Christine Jensen, Becky Trotter, Shelly Hartvigson


John Keysor, Ken Webb and wife

John Keysor - Ken Web and wife - Annette Milner

 Paul McComber and wife