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Reflections from High School

When you think of your High School years, what do you reflect on?

Here is a survey of questions to help you remember the Glory days of High School. The Class of '78 was pretty amazing back in the day, and still IS! 

Please take a minute and share your answers to these survey questions. We will share them at the Reunion and post them on the website after. 

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1)   If you were able to go back to '78 and have a heart to heart with yourself, what would your advice be?

2)   What is your most vivid memory from High School?

3)   What is the funniest moment - or the most embarrassing?

4)   Who was your favorite Teacher, and why?

5)   Is there something you wanted to do in High School but never did?

6)   What are your 3 favorites songs from high school?

We need a music play list for the dinner hour!
7)   What great words of wisdom, would you like to share with your fellow classmates? Now is your chance, give it up!

Please stay positive! No hate speech allowed.