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"Lost" Classmates

We have 20 classmates that we call the "Lost" classmate's.  We hate the term "Lost", but that is what we regretfully refer to them as.  The "Lost" are the ones that we have no information on at all!  Please take a close look at the list below. Any information that you can give us will help.  If you know a friend or family member of the "Lost", please give them a call and see if you can get any contact information at all.  If you know they've remarried and have a different last name, moved to a different location, or God forbid, they have passed away, please send that information to Johnny Hartsfield at hartsfieldnc@gmail.com.  Also, if they've passed away, please try to get as much information on that as you can.  An obituary and/or any pictures would be really good to add to our "In Memory" page.  All of this will help us track them down and get them off of the "Lost" list. Remember, any information on them is more than we have today. 

Phyllis Arnold
Nancy Coles
Kathy Ellis (Barbour)
Ann Evans (Bunn)
Francis Gillespie (Stafford)
Linda Grady (Newman)
Frank Harshman
Beverly Harness (Turner) -  Reunion invitation was returned address unknown 7/8/16
Judy Hendricks (Williams)
Janice Holland
Margaret Leonard Griffin - Reunion invitation was returned address unknown - 6/1/16
Audrey Mills
Robert "Mack" Montague - Reunion invitation was returned address unknown - 6/1/16
Patricia "Pat" Morgan
Patrick "Mike" Morrison
Teresa Patten (Midgette) 
Diane Prevette (Parks)
Lynda Rogers
Linda Walker
Diane Williams