CSHS School Facts


Cave Spring High School opened in 1956 on the site that is now Cave Spring Middle School. Approximately 700 students in grades five through twelve attended. In 1968 the existing Cave Spring High School was built on a twenty-three acre site on Chaparral Drive. It was the first totally electric and air conditioned school in Roanoke County. Population growth in the Southwest County area and student enrollments led to classroom additions in 1970 and 1985. Technology education facilities and an auxiliary gymnasium were added in 1987 and science labs were renovated in 1999. In 2002 an additional high school was built in southwest county, Hidden Valley High School.

Principals that have served at Cave Spring High School:

  • Mr. Con Davis, 1956-1965 (deceased);
  • Mr. Leonard V. Hale, 1965-1973;
  • Mr. James Daughtridge, 1973-1977 (deceased);
  • Mr. Garland Life, 1977-1986;
  • Mr. Robert Lipscomb, 1986-1992 (deceased);
  • Dr. Martha M. Cobble, 1992-2007; and
  • Mr. Steven M. Spangler, current principal.



School Song

We're going to sing this song for Cave Spring High

With all our ways we'll lift her to the skies

With pep and spirit we will see her through

And raise our banners high in everything we do.

As loyal Knights, we all will valiant be

and we will gain our victory

Our love for her will never, ever die

hear our cry, Cave Spring High - Heh!


 Cave Spring High School Knights

1961 Richard Guerrant
1962 Samuel Peters
1963 Robert Brown
1964 William Beamer
1965 Michael Patterson
1966 Robert Rude
1967 Robert Russell
1968 Gilbert Starkey
1969 David Russell
1970 James Herbert
1971 Eddie Bowles
1972 William Poage
1973 Michael Bostian
1974 Robert Whitescarver
1975 Mike Apostolou
1976 Brett Roach
1977 Tom Snow
1978 Tim Hudson
1979 Robby Tavenner
1980 Rahn Sutton
1981 Joey Pugh
1982 David Barbery
1983 Brook Emery
1984 Steve Hardy
1985 Daryl Phelps
1986 Ray Poff
1987 David Kagey
1988 Eric Dillard
1989 Julie Rutherford
1990 Mark Mofield
1991 Lisa Beightol
1992 Kent Shiner
1993 Tiki Barber
1994 Wendy Robison
1995 Justin Brittle
1996 Steven Kunkle
1997 Julie Ann Sgroi
1998 William Corey Paxton
1999 Kate Fiedler
2000 Stephanie Sgroi
2001 Meg Davies
2002 Lauren Goldsmith
2003 Adam Trumbower
2004 Micah Kaplan
2005 Alex Kostura
2006 Charles Sublett
2007 Christine Crawford
2008 David Kaplan

2009 Greg Mackey

2010 Mark Overstreet

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