Scholarship Program


Cave Spring High School

Class of 1975

Golden Knights Scholarship Program


The Class of 1975 Reunion Planning Committee has been discussing ways to “give back” to the students of Cave Spring High School, and have voted to establish the “Class of ’75 Mitchell Brumfield Memorial Scholarship Program,” designed to provide scholarships of varying amounts to high school seniors.  In today’s economy, students are looking for any kind of advantage when it comes to paying for college and this would be one way our class can help some of them achieve their goals.


You can become a member of the Class of ’75 Golden Knights through a donation over and above the cost of the reunion of $50 or above.  All donors will be recognized at our reunion, on our website and in mailings and correspondence.  Our goal is to establish a fund robust enough to fund at least one $250 scholarship for each of the five years between our scheduled reunions, with a new round of donation requests occurring in 2015 when our 40th Reunion is scheduled.  A donation of $500 or more will provide you with a Forever Golden Knight status. 


Class of ’75 Golden Knights Levels


Forever Golden Knight:                            $500 (Note, this can be paid in increments of $100 per year for five years)

Golden Knight of the Roundtable:         $150

Golden Knight Member                             $50



Funds collected will be managed by the committee, and kept in an interest bearing account.  We will work with the Cave Spring High School administration to develop the criteria for the scholarship(s), determine the award winners and help manage the distribution of the funds.  Depending on the response, we may also establish a 501(c)3 charitable corporation to provide tax-deductible status to all who contribute to the program.  The scholarship amount will be determined in December of each year based on the available funds in the account, and the winner will be notified in May/June of each year.


Donating is very simple!  Simply go to our website and click on the “Become a Golden Knight” link.  The donation will be accepted through our secure server.


Our fund is already active with several classmates now active as Golden Knights.  They are:


  • Angie Johnson Beckner
  • Judy Jennings Blackwell
  • Laura Duncan Bolton
  • Mitchell Brumfield
  • Jay Downie
  • Dawn Paitsell Hollandsworth
  • Tim Largen

We hope this meets with the approval of our classmates, and that you will help make a students dream come true as a Golden Knight.  The benefits for student's are immeasurable. 



2012 Ms. Bount

2013 Mr. Jarrett Keith Overstreet




Class of ’75 Reunion Committee