Home Coming 2008


Northside (27)  vs  Alleghany (13)

Its was a cold and raining night. But that didnt stop good friends from having fun! Thanks to Mark Gobble for bringing his Motor Home, we were able to stay warm and dry. I thought I was going to beat up a few high school kids for laughing at our "Class of 1983" sign. Come on we are not that old!! After the Home Coming Parade the entire Northside High School Marching Band surrounded us and had a special concert just for "The Class of 1983", I was in tears, it was so sweet. After the game we headed to Blue 5, which is owned by a former Northside student . We danced, laughed and told stories about high school. The Jazz band at Blue 5 gave a toast to "The Northside Class of 1983". We ended the night with a late night snack from...yes.....The Texas Tavern. Homecoming was such a Hit we are planning to make this an Annual event. For those of you that missed this one, rest up for next year.

"It might be my fault...but...not my problem!"


Tammy Sowers Bacon, Erin Duncan, Eric Sheffield, Thomas Hicks, Steve Organe, Sherry Spangler Helms, Mark Gobble

Ginny Connor Olyer, Tammy Sowers Bacon, Eric Sheffield, Jimmy Bray, Don Lorton

Mark Gobble, Brian Detrick, Wayne Carle

Mark Gobble, Steve Orange, Mrs Steve Orange

Watching Homecoming Parade - Mark Gobbles Motorcoach

Northside High School Band playing special concert for Class of 1983

Northside High School Band playing special concert for Class of 1983

Sherry Spangler Helms, Doug Hales, Erin Duncan, Tammy Sowers Bacon, Eric Sheffield, Jimmy Bray, Macel Shoemaker

Sherry Spangler Helms, Tammy Sowers Bacon, Mark "Hefner" Gobble, Erin Duncan

Doug Hales and Marcel Shoemaker

Mark Gobble and Tammy Sowers Bacon

Sherry Spangler Helms and Husband Jeff Helms

Erin Duncan and Eric Sheffield

Eric Sheffield, Lee Humphrey and Doug Hales

 Tammy Sowers Bacon and  Ashley Brooks

Jazz Band at "Blue 5".  GREAT PLACE !

Erin Duncan and Mark "The Man" Gobble

Mark Gobble, Jeff Helms (Sherrys Husband), Erin Duncan, Tammy Sowers Bacon and Eric Sheffield

Sherry Spangler Helms and Mark Gobble  "The Texas Tavern"