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11/08/08 09:02 PM #37    

Kyna Lawson (Moore)

I just want to say THANK YOU Sherry for getting this site up and running! I didn't know about the reunion in time to plan, so we'll have to use this site to make SURE we know when the 30 rolls around. You guys have fun...and hope to see you in 5!! OR sooner....who knows

11/12/08 11:00 PM #38    

Sherry Spangler (Helms)

Thank you all for the kinds words ! This reunion has been so much fun for me. But.....PLEASE REMEMBER, I could not of done it with out the Reunion Committee. I would like to Thank..Mark Gobble, Tammy Sowers Bacon and Ginny Conner Oyler. These three have spent a lot of time helping me. There are many more of you that have helped, THANK YOU! I love you all!...Sherry

11/14/08 10:49 AM #39    

Roger Manuel

Well this morning I left Bristol. They say there's a truck accident on the 81. I can usually catch a ride.

11/14/08 11:50 AM #40    

Tammy Sowers (Bacon)

YOU ARE JUST NUTS ROGER!!! See you tomorrow night.

11/16/08 08:13 PM #41    

Libby Smith

Sherry the reunion was just great.I had so much fun Friday and Saturday,this one was better than the 20th.Looking forward to the 30th.

11/16/08 10:34 PM #42    

Douglas Hales

I'll have a cheesy without, cooked over an open flame or a lighter if the pilot light has been turned off.

11/17/08 04:39 PM #43    

Stephanie Morris (Williams)

Wayne and All,

The chili was sooooo good at Texas Tavern that I'm going back tonight around 4:00 AM! I'm gonna order up a couple o' Cheesy Westerns, no Hot Dog. Maybe I should take some Brillo Pads to help clean the grill! Do I need to look up some of those words the grill-tender was using? I don't think my young, tender ears have ever heard the likes of those!

I think Steff had a goood time 'cause she didn't get up until about 4:30! I had a blast! Wish it would last forever! We'll see you guys at the next one if Steff keeps me around. Dude, I might come even if she doesn't!

Jay (Steff's illegitimate husband)

11/17/08 04:54 PM #44    

Donald Goode

First of all I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the Reunion committee, and others who made the 25th Reunion a reality. It was great to see some people I have not seen since graduation, and talk with them about their journeys since high school. If you ever get to Wytheville, look me up, and we'll play a round of golf, have a drink or two, and shoot the "bull" (not necessarily in that order) Take care everybody, it was great talking to you and hopefully we'll get together again at Homecoming 2009 or at the 30th.

Oh yeah, Wayne take it easy man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11/17/08 06:51 PM #45    

Douglas Hales


Will you cook me a cheesy? long as your hands are not "penified," (purposely edited to protect the innocent of this fine family friendly website). But now that I think about it, from the looks of the guys that work down there all of the food has probably been "penified." How am I supposed to eat down there now? Because I prefer my food to be non-penified.


11/17/08 07:11 PM #46    

Douglas Hales

Hey I too want to say what a great weekend it was. Hats off to the whole committee for everything. Jim and Kim, thanks for your parts. I ran into Ronnie Palmeri, (John's older brother) Sunday and told him about it and how John and others were mentioned and still remembered. He really was thankful. So where are we meeting this next weekend? Don, the Fonz says hey! Not heyyyyyyy! Just hey, like, "hey how's it going?"


11/18/08 04:47 PM #47    

Patty Wadosky (Petree)

I had a blast! But I have to say it will be a long long long time before I go back to Texas Tavern. I think Marcel was right, and none of us listened to him. Sorry Marcel!
The committee did a wonderful job, I hope word spreads and those classmates who didnt come this time think twice when it comes time for the next one. Is someone planning that yet? I dont know what we will be doing in 5 years, but I am sure I will still be in Hendersonville.
Again, I enjoyed it, Take Care and love yall,
Patty Wadosky Petree

11/21/08 11:11 PM #48    

Mark Gobble

Texas Tavern will NEVER be the same!!! Whoever suggested Dunkin Donut's Spiced Pumpkin Donuts for dessert is a genius! I never thought Chili and Donuts would taste so good together! Maybe we should see if TT will cater our 30th??

Thank you ALL for making the 25th a success. Without each and everyone of you coming, it would have been just another reunion committe meeting among a few of us. (though they were quite fun too...)

The memories from the 25th will last a lifetime... just like the memories from our NHS days as well. We all have a special shared bond that can never be taken from us. Lets not just reach out at reunion time to one another. We have too much to share with each other each and every day.

Cheers to the best classmates and friends that anyone could ever ask for.


11/24/08 04:34 PM #49    

Mark Blanchard

I echo Gobble's thoughts and respect for the Class of '83 -- 25 years and were all still brothers and sisters! Thanks for the memories folks! Stay in touch!


11/24/08 07:23 PM #50    

Mark Gobble

On a little more serious note...

"Rock and Roll!!!
Brothers & Sisters, Let's Party!!!"

11/25/08 01:51 PM #51    

Ginny Conner (Oyler)

Thank you sooooooo much for all of the hard work you put into our reunion. I had so much fun. We really do have such a great class. I have spoken with so many people who rarely have reunions...I truly believe they are envious of us. We owe it all to you!! I'm looking forward to our 30th. Maybe I'll remember dancing with Mark Gobble then. I think he's pulling my leg!! Take Care!! Ginny

11/25/08 07:13 PM #52    

Mark Gobble

As I wasnt your leg I had ahold of...


11/26/08 12:05 PM #53    

Tammy Sowers (Bacon)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EVERYONE FROM THE CLASS OF 1983!!! It was great seeing all of you at the reunion, at 419 and at the Homecoming game. Remember we are going to make the Homecoming tailgate an annual event.


12/03/08 03:37 AM #54    

Michael Flora

Grace here slipped on some ice up here in Marion, Ohio and broke some ribs. Sorry I could not make it, I was looking forward to seeing everyone since I did not make it in'03. Everybody looked good in the pictures. Wish I could have been there.

12/03/08 09:25 AM #55    

Tondra Wohlford

Not sure who saw it or not, but there was an awesome article on (Roanoke Times website)about our very own Scott Dreyer and the book he has published. It's an English textbook titled "Write Like a Champion." Congratulations to you Scott!

12/03/08 04:06 PM #56    

Sherry Spangler (Helms)

Scott..Congrats! You have an amazing talent! Great write up on

Tondra.Thank you for letting us know!

12/13/08 04:33 PM #57    

Jimmy Bray

What a GREAT Weekend !!! Can we do it again Soon ???

12/23/08 03:02 PM #58    

Marcel Shoemaker

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to say that the reunion was so much fun and it was great to see all of you!

Thanks to Sherry for all that you do!

To all of the people that went too Texas Tavern the night of the reunion:

I talked with Matt Bulington the owner and wanted me too tell all of you that he was so sorry and embarrased from the treatment we got form his employee's. We should have been able to wait about 5 or 10 minutes for the grill to be cleaned and could have gotten anything we wanted too eat that night. He has cameras in his place with sound and will look up what happened!

When we have another reunion he wants us to come back and I can let him know when and he will provide us some gift certificates for a bowl on him!

Once again he feels so bad and wants us to know we should be treated with respect at all times even if we were drunk!LOL


01/01/09 10:27 PM #59    

Tonda Stennett (Bowers)

sherry - who was it that took the group / class picture? how do we get a copy? did we already buy one or are you going to contact us about that?
happy new year :)

05/29/09 12:25 PM #60    

Sherry Spangler (Helms)

Dear Class of 1983:

Hope are have been doing GREAT and ready for a FABULAS summer! Tammy wanted me to forward this message to all. Please feel free to pass it on to other classes:

I wanted to let all Northside Alumni know that Coach English (known to most of us as Coach "E") will be DJing at 419 West this Wednesday night June 3rd from 6-10 p.m. As some of you know, he is retiring in about a week after teaching & coaching for 38 years.

Coach "E" was a DJ at 419 West for 236 consecutive Wednesdays until about 2 months ago when 419 decided they couldn't afford him due to the dwindling economy. Coach "E" is back there for one night and would like to be back again consistently at 419.

I am e-mailing this to everyone in hopes that some of you can come by and see him and show your support and just say "thanks" to him for 38 years as a teacher & coach. In addition, if enough people stop by, I hope that 419 will see that DJ Jerry is needed back there on Wednesday nights.

If you are unable to attend, it would be great if you could e-mail me a message to him and I will print them and give them to him that night. You can send it to me to

Please pass the word along to all Northside Alumni that you know

Thanks for all of your support!

Tammy (Sowers) Bacon

07/20/09 02:59 PM #61    

Rebeckha Taylor/Stennett

Hey Guys,
I hope every one is doing well for themself. The class reunion was awsome. It was good to see every one again.

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