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09/27/08 11:57 PM #12    

Mark Blanchard

I a sure Dale Ragland will appreciate Coach E spinning the "Double Dutch Bus" or "Aw Mickey Your So Fine" or maaybe "All alone in the endzone".

10/01/08 12:17 PM #13    

Tammy Sowers (Bacon)

Wayne - Now I'm disappointed. We were all anxiously awaiting seeing you naked at the party!!!

10/03/08 10:13 AM #14    

Mark Blanchard

Wayne Carle -- Can I borrow your skibby's when you take them off at the reunion door?

10/06/08 09:49 AM #15    

Tammy Sowers (Bacon)

Sorry Mark - but I heard that Wayne doesn't wear skibbys.

10/16/08 09:48 AM #16    

Sherry Spangler (Helms)

Dont forget...Home Coming Tailgate this Friday !!! We are gonna have a BLAST !!!! Dont want you to be left out!
My cell number is 980-721-2827 if you have any questions..

10/16/08 12:06 PM #17    

Mark Blanchard

All right Tammy! I didn't need to have that vision of Wayne! Will take me a day or two to get over that. Hope to see ya Fri night!

10/17/08 11:54 AM #18    

Roger Manuel

Blanchard? Drunk?
Wayne you cannot be serious.

I've made it to St. Louis and am moving East. See you soon!!

10/18/08 12:04 PM #19    

Douglas Hales

Man time goes by fast. It was great seeing everyone last night in Roanoke. I wish more had shown-up and I wish there had been more time. Of course all the ladies who were there last night look better now than they did in high school.

Some of the stories about school I had forgotten about...Jim Morgan, you were a brave high school hero for stepping out on faith and teaching Ms. Gregory new language skills like saying scrotum to everyone. She was, after all, a very hip teacher.

Mark, thanks for the use of the RV. The minute I walked in, it reminded me of walking into a party in high school. Even though the parties in high school usually had more than 10 people there.

Sherry, I forgot to sign your year book so if you bring it in November I'll be sure to sign it.

Hope to see everyone in November. Until then keep sittin regular and Donald Goode, always remember that my Dad is the Fonz.


10/18/08 02:55 PM #20    

Tammy Sowers (Bacon)

Homecoming was awesome!! We all had such a great time. Mark mentioned last night that we should make tailgating at the Homecoming game an annual event, and I completely agree. We sure laughed alot last night!

Thanks so much Mark for the use of the RV and thanks to Sherry and her parents for the food.

Remember everyone who was there... What happens in the RV stays in the RV - ha!

I'm definitely looking forward to November 14 & 15!!


10/18/08 05:20 PM #21    

Sherry Spangler (Helms)

OMG!!! It was GREAT !! The special concert from " The Northside High School Band" was the best!! I will remember that for ever.

Yes, What happened in the RV, stays in the RV !! Next time Im bringng my video camera.

"It is my fault, but its not my problem!"

I love you all, y'all are the best friends ever !!

Next year its on for HomeComing !

10/18/08 05:24 PM #22    

Sherry Spangler (Helms)

Roger, I am hiring security for the Reunion !

10/18/08 08:58 PM #23    

Douglas Hales

I'm up for a yearly event! Maybe each year will bring more people out.

I want to say a big thank-you to Sherry and all the people who are working on the reunion and the website. I don't think everyone understands the amount of work that goes into everything. I asked my mother today about her class. She's been out of school for 50 years and her class has never had a reunion. What a blessing it has been over the last 25 years to have people who have worked to get everything done so that we can enjoy a few hours together.

Last night was the most fun I've had in a long time. I haven't laughed like that in a long time.


10/19/08 10:46 AM #24    

Tammy Sowers (Bacon)

Sherry - you better get those picture on the site - but make sure you edit them first - ha!!

And Mark - it was great dancing with you - even though I don't remember it at all!!!

Roger - you need help baby.


10/20/08 08:40 AM #25    

Erin Duncan

OMG!!! I totally agree - what an amzaing time we had @ homecoming! I have not laughed so much in a very long time. Girls, can we say "Firefly"? A huge thank you to Mark and Sherry for putting together an awesome tailgate party. I will agree with Tammy, the pics should be edited prior to posting. LOL One thing is for sure, Boston doesn't hold a candle to Rke when it comes to nite life. The Blue5 was wonderful - the dancing, the laughing, the stories, making new memories and talking with Jim Morgan on the phone - What's better than that?!? And Jeff, I know it's still your fault however it's not your problem. See you guys in November!

10/20/08 09:11 AM #26    

Mark Blanchard

If Wayne Carle was involved in what went on in the RV then we can just stop there. Sounds like you all had a lot of fun. Sorry I missed. Looking forward to seeing the pics. See you in Nov.

10/20/08 09:27 AM #27    

Sherry Spangler (Helms)

Okay...Who told our secret about the retractable stripper pole in th RV. Mark "Hefner".... You are the MAN!!! I will edit the pictures.

10/20/08 11:26 AM #28    

Tammy Sowers (Bacon)

I must have told Wayne about the stipper pole during his phone call to me at 4:00 A.M.!!!!

10/22/08 09:37 AM #29    

Tammy Sowers (Bacon)

Wasn't Jim Beam calling - but it sure sounded like you were consuming alot of Jim Beam!!

10/26/08 01:40 PM #30    

Jae McGuirt

It is quite clear from these posts that no one has matured.Yea- I'll feel right at home.Additional supervision is on the way for our reunion.

10/28/08 05:15 PM #31    

Roger Manuel

You know, you're right, I do need help. It's really quite dark in here. Shhh here they come.


Be really still and they won't see you.

11/01/08 01:22 AM #32    

Michael Flora

I see that I will fit right in. Which is good because this is the last one for me. There is NO way I am going to sit around and listen to the people I went to high school with talk about there grandkids! Can't handle it.(not because of any of you, I just don't want to admit I'm getting old.)
Somebody tell Roger that if he needs a ride from lala land to give me a call. (740)389-2489

11/06/08 11:38 AM #33    

Sherry Spangler (Helms)

Are y'all ready for a week-end of Fun !

11/07/08 12:56 PM #34    

Mark Blanchard

Great link to the Songs Playlist. We need to have Coach E pull some of these up on Sat night and ROCK THE HOUSE! Can't wait!

11/07/08 01:22 PM #35    

Sherry Spangler (Helms)

Coach E will do anything we ask. He is so excited about seeing all of us !

11/07/08 02:08 PM #36    

Susan Holmes (Holt)

This sight has enabled me to catch-up with some people I have not seen or spoken to in YEARS!!! It has been fun seeing pictures and reading what folks are up to now. Thanks so much for all your efforts Sherry (and others I'm sure)

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