25 Yr Reunion Photos

Northside High School Tour, November 14, 2008

Doug Hales, Kathleen Crouch, Sherry Spangler, Libby Smith, Na-Na- Sweetenberg, Larry Conner, Heather Hash, Ginny Conner, Gary Quensenberry, Marcel Shoemaker

Dr Gallion gave us the Tour of Northside High School

419 West ,November 14, 2008

Chris Nininger, Eric Sheffield, Erin Duncan, Jae McGuirt , Jerry Tyree

Todd Sloan and Libby Smith

Jae McGuirt , Sherri McBride and Steff Morris

Jeff Wright, Tracy Journell, Betty Holdren and Rick Harnsburger

Marcel Shoemaker (being silly), Ben Hansel and his girlfriend, Rosemary

Greg Bishop, Ginny Conner, Sherry Spangler, Erin Duncan

Chris Nininger and Tammy Sowers

Betty Holdren, Tracy Journell. Wendy Basham, Gary Jenkins

Doug Hales, Greg Bishop, Jean Tyree, JerryTyree

Eric Sheffield and Mr Helmendollar(Teacher from NSHS 1983)

Jay Shaver, Sherry Spangler, Jimmy Bray



Greg Otey and Libby Smith

Don Goode and Patty Wadosky

Susie Holmes and Husband Kevin Holt

Marcel Shoemaker, Brian Hale, Doug Hales

I have so many more pictures......They will be up soon!