Dave Liggett's Poem

>The Class Of 1963

Rochester High School


August 23rd, 2013 Dave Liggett


As I drove over to Austin on Thursday

With the blue sky and beautiful white clouds.

I knew that I was going to

The RHS 50th reunion on Saturday.


It was a last minute thing….

But then my mind began reminiscing

About the last 50 years…

And what it all meant.


There had been marriages and for some of us

Children….Deaths and dreams with hopes for a better day.

It is easy to remember the days of graduation

And anticipation that were apart of 1963.


Listening to John Kennedy

Speak on the car radio.

I would pull over, stop driving and listen

To his eloquent speech. It was a good time.


So many events then happened.

Going to School

For some of us getting married and maybe having a family.

Getting work.


For some there was the war. But we worked through that.

Life was so important and so purposeful.

It was what you do

As you grow and you do what you need to do.


Time and energy was so important

That the years were fulfilling and going by so fast.

For some of us things were bumpy

Things were hard as we moved and rethought our relationships.


So many happy times

So many sad times too.

With great courage and commitment

We did it all.




Our jobs and families filled our days

Our lives grew and we learned.

As was once said,

Life is about making plans and solving problems.


As our hopes and dreams

Led us many paths.

We took care of our families and ourselves

We grew spiritually.


Today as we look back

We see good memories

And some not.

We did what needed to be done.


What we got from being at Rochester High

We carry with us on our way, through today.

It is special to be here

It is a good time.