Reunion dinner

Sue Ludwig and John Meehan

Pat Smith

Corinne Ferguson, Mark Lyon,  Patti Lyon,           Bob Rewold,  Paige Sargent, Keith and Diane Osborn

Roger Smith, Kay Flanigan, Pat Smith

Sue McGivern Brail and Robert  Brail

Connie Mills Ballagh, Don Ballagh, and Joe Stefanski

Patty Crissman and Patti Lyon

Connie Mills and Bob Rewold

Pamela Whateley, Ray Lawson, Taryn Lawson

Sue Bromley, Jackie Haynes, Angela Arcure

Kay Flanigan, Patty Crissman, Lynn Muster

Paige Sargent

Gary Riddell, JoAnn Riddell, Carole Schroeder, Carol McCotter, Fances Lavis, Darlene Thompson, Pat Smith, Pamela Whateley, Nancy Roe, Ann Aldrich

Kay Flanigan and Mark Lyon

John Edwards

Words of greeting from Bill Billig

David Liggett     His poem is found under 50th reunion highlights.

Sandra LaFountain Tracy, Richard Tracy,  Mike and Sue Bromley Marino,  JoAnn Khoury, Kathy Gullen, Mike and Elaine Billig

Cathy Beach Moseley, James Moseley,  Mike Noble, Karen Stupka McCary, Ellis McCary, David and Bonnie Dahline

Maureen and Matt Espo,  Jack Wieczorek, Vicki Gerber, James Piot,            , Marilee Piot, Dennis Ferguson, Corinne Ferguson

Wayne Holden, Patty Crissman Holden, Phil Bracamonte, Jackie Haynes Bracamonte, Patti Lyon, Mark Lyon, Angela Arcure Calice, Mark Calice, Paige Sargent

Ed and Carol Wright, Tom and Shirley Strong,  Mike Wilson, Ray and Kathy Young

Alan Aemisegger, Diane and Keith Osborn, Robert and Nancy Gurney, Dick Sheppard,   

Barbara Dunsford,       Sue Ludwig, Bob Bommarito

Ray Lawson and daughter, Taryn

Carole Schroeder. Pamela Whateley, JoAnn Riddell, Nancy Roe, Ann Aldrich, Carol McCotter   Back Row:  Darlene Thompson, Fran Lavis, Gary Riddell, Pat Smith                                         

?     ?     Richard and Dawn Gurley, JayKettler,  Marilyn Curtis Ketter, Jim Armstrong, Patti Bird Armstrong, Don Ballagh, Connie Mills Ballagh

Sue McGivern Brail, Robert Brail, Jody Queck Ferry, Jay Ferry

   Judy Soule,  Lynn Muster

Sandra Stefanski, Joe Stefanski,Le Anna and Larry Muckenhirn,  Bonnie Potter Duke Potter, Gary Singles, Donna Levick Singles, Gerry Reddaway and guest

Bob Bommarito, Barbara Dunsford, Bob Rewold, Sue Ludwig

Roger Smith, Kay Flanigan Smith, Gail Renard, Ray Lawson, Taryn Lawson, Sandy Holman Meehan, John Meehan, Gary Gronzo

Mark Lyon


Elaine and Bill Billig

Tom Strong and Ed Wright

Sandy Holman

Larry Muckenhirn and Paige Sargent

Joe Stefanski, Gerry Reddaway, Mike Noble


Judy Soule and Sandy Meehan

Judy Soule and Kay Johnson

Bob Rewold and Gary Riddell

Keith Osborn,

        Bob Rewold, Alan Aemisegger

Sue Bromley, Nancy Roe, Bob Rewold, Marilyn Curtis, Tom Strong, Kay Flanigan, Jay Ferry, Roger Smith

Jackie Haynes, Angela Arcure, Sue Ludwig

Don Ballagh, Commie Mills, Ballagh, and Mike Wilson