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Rocky River High School
Class Of 1964

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Happy 75th Birthday, Class of ’64!!!!

Can it be true that we are all reaching that “three-quarters-of-a-century” mark?!  Where did the time go?  How did we get so old so fast?!?!  It’s not that old age is entirely horrible but did it have to arrive with screeching brakes and a cloud of smoke just when we were starting to enjoy retirement? It all seems so unfair.
Any milestone birthday should be special and we had every intention of making this one especially grand. In addition to our collective birthday, we were going to celebrate the demise of COVID-19 and the return of normalcy to our lives. We eagerly anticipated gathering with friends and family in public places surrounded by like-minded revelers. Instead, we find ourselves still isolated more than we want and spending our time wondering what “normalcy” is going to look like, if and when it returns. When we floated the idea of a birthday party, a good number of classmates expressed interest, probably under the assumption that the pandemic would be easing. Unfortunately, it did not ease at all, so those who are distant were disinclined to travel and those who are local weren’t ready to gather. It sometimes seems that the pandemic’s numbers are moving in the right direction finally but just when we decide that is true, they swing in the other direction again! In any case, at this point it is officially too late to stage anything for this year.  If we have a collective birthday, it will have to be Happy 76th!
The best we can do a for now is to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, a very Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate in December, and most importantly, a healthy and Happy New Year. We hope you are all able to gather with your families and enjoy a wonderful holiday season.
In the New Year, thinking positively, we’re anticipating that COVID will be more under control, that more people will be vaccinated and that life will begin to return to business as usual. That being the case, we will be able to stage the best, most memorable 76th birthday party that Rocky River has ever experienced. In the meantime, take care of yourselves, stay safe and stay well. We want to see you all in 2022.
Wishing you health and happiness,
Your Intrepid Reunion and Website Committee

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Cheryl Hull (McCoy)  5/20
David Trucksis  5/26
Gerald Matlak  5/27
Robert Cross  5/28
James Doan  6/4
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Sherry Watts  6/17