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Rocky River High School
Class Of 1964

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I'm Barbara Walters and THIS is 2020???!!

These are certainly interesting times we’re living in, truly unlike anything we have seen in our 73 years on this planet. We have endured multiple wars, incredible social and economic upheaval and blindingly swift advancements in technology, but all of that could pale in comparison to the impact COVID-19 might have on our country and our planet. The mathematics of this pandemic are alarming, and people in our age group need to be very careful.

The only effective way to fight back, beyond hand-washing, is to do something that we are disinclined to do: social distancing, which should probably be called anti-social distancing because that’s how it feels. One of the prime benefits of reaching this age is the opportunity to spend more time with friends and family, and those wonderful grandkids in particular. Calling and even FaceTiming are just no substitute for giving them a hug and maybe a little present to spoil them just a bit, causing their parents’ eyes to roll. I can’t wait until those visits can resume, as gifts are piling up on the dining room table and ruining my view of the deck!

There has been some great online humor about the crisis but my favorite was a cartoon sent to me by a friend in Lyon, France. It shows a future job interviewee sitting across the desk from an interviewer who’s reviewing his application. The interviewer says “There seems to be a gap in your CV. What were you doing during 2020?” The applicant replies “Washing my hands.” 

With all of this self-isolation going on among these Millenials, early 2021 will probably produce a whole new baby boom! Of course, since naming that generation the same as ours would not be OK, Boomers, I guess we’ll have to call them “Coronials”. 

If you have a favorite non-political cartoon or joke about COVID-19, send it to us and we’ll post it somewhere for all to see.

And in the interest of our health and sanity, let’s all do the following: 

                Wash your hands regularly and sing Happy Birthday or something you still enjoy
                Take walks in the woods alone or with your dog if you’re lucky enough to have one.
                Reach out to friends and family to check on each other and cheer yourselves up a bit
                Find ways online to entertain yourself and your friends and to keep your minds active

We can’t be much help with washing or walking but we’d like to help if we can with staying in touch and mentally active. For starters, from now until that glorious day when we can all come out of our burrows and hug each other, we’re going to conduct another trivia contest like the Memory Joggers we did in the run-up to the 50th reunion. It will probably take us a few days to remind ourselves how to do that and think up something to ask, so please be patient. When we get it put together, we will post questions on the same days every week and you can submit your responses before some arbitrary and capricious deadline. We’ll reveal the correct answers with the next set of questions and will keep track of how everyone is doing. We’ll try to come up with some sort of truly appealing prize, but for now, just play for Class of ’64 bragging rights. And to make it more challenging, we’re going to use a mix of statements from the game Fact or Crap and a trivia question or two, some of which can’t easily be Googled. Sorry to …. well, you know who you are!

Please take care of yourselves and if you come up with any ideas that your classmates could use to get through this, please feel free to share them here or in any of the other channels we all use. 


Wishing you health and happiness,
Your Intrepid Reunion and Website Committee

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