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11/29/15 12:54 PM #78    

Alene Lamprecht (Haydock)

You four look terrific!  Have a great holiday season!

Alene Lamprecht (Haydock)

11/30/15 09:28 PM #79    


Phyllis Manning (Burt)

Totally agree with the David Letterman look alike!

12/01/15 01:00 PM #80    

Alene Lamprecht (Haydock)

I agree too, Phyllis, I hadn't really thought about that before but it definitely fits.

Alene Lamprecht (Haydock)

04/03/16 01:34 PM #81    


Tom Allen


Tim Brimus, John Nordstrom, Redi Douglas and Tom Allen just finished a round of golf April 2nd in low 40 degrees with a 30 mph wind in Ckeveland, OH.



04/04/16 12:03 PM #82    

Rick Holley

That's why we live in Texas - It was 75 and sunny here on Saturday.

04/05/16 11:19 AM #83    


Susan Kunze (Kmetz)

Agree except for hail storm we had in Dallas week before last--hailed for 5 minutes and 13 in. high pile of hail/ice in one area in my back yard lasted for over three days in spite of mild temps  Just about everyone in my neighborhood getting new roofs, including me, pretty hilarious, roofers signs in nearly every yard.  Only in TX!

04/15/16 09:16 AM #84    


Gar Garland

Recently won the Inaugural Charlotte Senior Am. Top 70 seniors in the area invited to participate, 55 and older. I participated in the Geezer Division, over 65. It was in the mid 40s and very windy both days early and i had ski gloves on between shots.

Fortunate to win with rounds of 71 and 71. Birdies 16 and 17 allowed me to eek out a two shot victory. results

04/15/16 01:13 PM #85    

Marilyn "Genie" Merrell (Israel)

Awesome, Congratulations!

04/16/16 10:14 PM #86    


Sally Schroder (Kamman)

Way to go Gar, congratulations!!

08/28/16 08:14 AM #87    


Sherry Watts

Thanks to all who planned the 70th birthday party - it was a lot of fun. What a great class!



08/28/16 08:41 PM #88    


Sally Schroder (Kamman)

Thank you to all who planned the 70th birthday party; what fun!  It was great seeing those who attended and I'm glad we didn't have to wait till the 55th to get together. Looking forward to the next 'bash' :-)


08/25/17 05:33 PM #89    


Tom Allen


Several classmates returned to RR to visit relatives and friends this week. I was fortunate to see the girls poolside for cocktails and laughs. Jacque Johnston Cummings ( Anthem, AZ ), Bonnie McLandsborough Cockburn ( Knoxville, TN ), Marsha Jennings Molnar ( Perrysburg, OH ), Chris Nickels Westerfield, Linda Price Zbin and Gail Jennings Hayes.

Second Picture was taken at Herb's Tavern several days later after dinner and too many cocktails. Front row - Sally Schroeder Kamman, Sue Wilkinson DeCrane, Jacque Johnston Cummings ( Anthem, AZ ), Nancy Himebach Beeson, Gail Jennings Hayes, John Nordstrom. Back Row - Reid Douglas ( North Andover, MA ), Tom Allen, John Davies ( Wasilla, AK ) and Tim Brimus. 

If you plan on visiting RR or live the area, please send me an email at and we will try to set a time and place to reminisce with some old friends.

i hope all is well with all our classmates and hope to see you at our 55 reunion which is just around the corner.

08/26/17 12:00 PM #90    

Susan Wilkinson (DeCrane)

It was great to see everyone again!

08/26/17 06:24 PM #91    

Robert Cross

Everyone looks great in the pics. So jealous of Tom poolside with the beautiful young ladies. Looks like you all had fun 

08/26/17 09:03 PM #92    


Sally Schroder (Kamman)

It was fun, as always, to see everyone :-)


08/27/17 10:55 AM #93    


Mary Mikridge (Hollomon)

It is fun seeing everyone you should call George I am sure he would love to see you guys ! 

08/27/17 11:26 AM #94    


Susan Kunze (Kmetz)

Definitely fun to see pics.  This is definitely not a good time for TX, all fine here in Dallas, but scary for relatives living in Houston!

11/14/21 01:06 PM #95    


Terry Mone (Mone)

I ran into our Rocky River Pirate at the Little Tomoka Yacht Club Restaurant in Ormond Beach.  Unlike me, he doesn't look like he's aged at all since '64!

10/26/22 03:49 PM #96    


Lowell Hinsdale

Great season for The Tribe. Will never refer to as guardians. Hope ownership spends money to improve for next season. 

My Houston Astros took down the evil empire yankees. Really dislike those arrogant socialsit folks in NYC.

Lets Go Astros. 






11/11/22 11:22 AM #97    


Lowell Hinsdale

Blessings to all my brothers and sisters in arms for serving our country. May God Bess Our Country.


11/12/22 10:50 PM #98    


Gar Garland

Thank you Lowell. I was honored to serve and my best wishes to all of our other veterans who served.

Our charity, Purple Heart Homes which we helped found 13 years ago to address the unmet housing needs of service connected veterans continues to expand and help those who gave so much. We are about to complete our 1000th home project in Decemaber, half of which were for older veterans. We will complete about 225 projects in 25 states this year. There is a Cleveland Chapter. We can always use more support.

Warmest Regards,


11/12/22 10:55 PM #99    


Gar Garland

For those of you who are Christians, I'd like to share my son Brandon's website. He is a wonderful preacher with a unique prospective who is now traveling to churches throughout the southwest preaching the gospel. He is 25 years old and has been preaching since he was 19. Thank you.

11/13/22 05:01 PM #100    


Terry Mone (Mone)

Gar, So glad to hear that your son, Brandon has stepped up to preach the good news in the Southwest. He's in our prayers...may God bless his ministry and keep him and his wife in His stead. I bet you and Debbie are very proud of him.

10/09/23 05:30 PM #101    


Tom Allen


Several classmates returned to RR to visit relatives and friends this past week. We all met at Herb's Tavern for cocktails (too many) and dinner. I hope you can recognize everyone!

10/09/23 08:16 PM #102    


Stephen Myers

Everyone looking good, wish I could be there.


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