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07/26/12 07:46 PM #2291    


Malcolm Cox

I agree everybody, this is way better than facebook. No hassle, no changes I can't handle, just like me plain, simple, and easy to get along with.

08/08/12 01:01 PM #2292    

Kenny Hensley

Really Malcolm, you still look that young. You must have had an easy life so far...haha

08/12/12 12:04 AM #2293    

John Pearson

 Hey everybody.

08/19/12 02:54 PM #2294    


Malcolm Cox

Nope Kenny, my wife just takes better care of me than I would myself.  LOL

09/27/12 12:37 PM #2295    


Russ Prestridge

Hello....hello...hello  Is anybody out there?? anybody out there??  Hi John.....hi john.....  Echo...echo...

11/25/12 07:53 PM #2296    


Malcolm Cox

Where'ld everybody go?

12/04/12 07:55 PM #2297    


Malcolm Cox

I'm waitin' in the shadows for a word if we're gonna have a 25 year reunion or not. 

01/28/13 08:56 PM #2298    


Malcolm Cox

I'm baaaack.. Makin my monthly check in to see if anybody's out there. I'm beginnin to think everybody graduated and forgot to tell me.

03/01/13 10:27 AM #2299    


Russ Prestridge

TODAY IS SMAC's BIRTHDAY !! (MARCH 1ST) We should have planned a PARTY on this WEBSITE he went to all the work to make for us! SHAME ___SHAME ___ on our class for not using this more!

SMAC: HaPpY BiRtHdAy to YOU!!   THANKS FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE!!   I Love this site and commend you for putting it together, you time, attention, and $$ to make this for us all to use. i appologize that we haven't done more to use this awesome site. Miss the days of yesterday on this site.  



03/24/13 06:05 PM #2300    


Maegan Tanner (Hampton)

Greg - just read the "nude" post - giggling!


07/01/13 05:55 PM #2301    


Shawn McAnulty

Thanks Russ!!!!

07/03/13 01:04 PM #2302    


Maegan Tanner (Hampton)

hello, goobers!!!!devil

07/03/13 02:26 PM #2303    


Russ Prestridge rang??


Goober 1 here.....


07/03/13 03:41 PM #2304    


Maegan Tanner (Hampton)

well, #1's it going? 


07/03/13 03:49 PM #2305    


Russ Prestridge

Not too bad..just waiting till 4pm to get off for the long weekend. Wish more would use this site's too cool to go to waste. It was nice before Facebook took us all away and now that we are getting tired of Facebook maybe those will come back and others wil find this site that maybe never have been on before.  


Big weekend plans??

07/03/13 06:53 PM #2306    


Shawn McAnulty

Yes I'm already naked!!

07/03/13 07:26 PM #2307    

Kim Deaton (Goss)

Thank You Shawn! 

If I were there, I'd give you a Huge Hug! That is AFTER you put your clothes on! W

07/03/13 08:50 PM #2308    


Maegan Tanner (Hampton)

Smac - funny shit right there!!!

Russ - I feel ya!

07/20/13 08:13 PM #2309    


Maegan Tanner (Hampton)

It's too quiet....SPEAK!

08/07/17 11:49 AM #2310    


Russ Prestridge

Greg Sims  --- You SUCK !!!!    Shawn McAnulty (a.k.a SMAC) ..You're still AWESOME !!!


08/07/17 01:11 PM #2311    


Shawn McAnulty


10/30/17 04:45 PM #2312    


Malcolm Cox

Just a note. I no longer have a Facebook page. To much drama and same old stuff day after day. So keep me up on whats goin on with the reunion on here or call me at 479-264-2934. 

07/19/18 12:31 PM #2313    


Malcolm Cox

Sooo whats goin on as far as the 30 year reunion? This is the only place i can get info on whats goin on with everybody. 

09/27/18 01:00 PM #2314    


Russ Prestridge


Hello all! We are so excited about our upcoming class reunion! We are needing a headcount of who will attend the parade on Friday afternoon and how many will want to eat at the tailgate before the game Friday night.

Friday afternoon Parade:
2:30-3:00 We line up at the old farmers Co-op by Posey printing on C Street.
Parade starts at 4.

**We need a head count please!**

Friday Night:

Tailgate with RHS Booster club before the football game in the parking lot.
Cost: $5 donation per person. (I’ve been told that it is nice if you can give more)

*we need a headcount for tailgate*

7:00 football game.
We will have a few rows in the stands sectioned off with a sign class of 88 for all of us to sit together. First come first serve as it will be tight.

After the game or maybe halftime:
Bon Fire at Classmate Danny Kirby’s home on Linker Mtn. I’ll post address. This may start a little early if you want to leave the game. It will be BYOB. that also means bring your own water, cokes, etc.


9:45am. Meet at the RHS flag pole at the front doors of the school.

10:00 RHS tour begins promptly!

Dinner at Old Bank. We have the entire downstairs reserved for our class. Everyone is responsible for their own food and drinks. I will try to get a menu posted. They have told us Karaoke will be available, Yay!

Wear your class of 88 T-shirt to any and all events if you got one. 😊
If I have forgotten anything, let us know!

Regina Watkins
Tabby Martin Vogt
Michelle Phillips McMinn
Joe Cross
Trey Stephens
Shawn McAnulty
Keith A Simpson
Mandy Dare Kelly

09/28/18 09:16 AM #2315    

Jim Stamps

Hello all my fellow cyclones.  I can’t believe 30 years has passed. Wish I could be there but duty calls.

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