Reunion Survey

We would love your input so that we can meet your wants and needs for future reunions.

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1)   Did you attend the 40 year reunion?

Yes No
2)   If no, what were your reasons for not coming?

  The cost was to expensive
  Unable to travel the distance or take the time off
  Didn't receive information about it
  Have no interest in attending reunions
3)   If one were held, would you attend an informal 45 reunion (probably just a get together at a park)?

Yes No
4)   Please give us your opinions on the following options for the future

  Have the Friday Social at the school ( no alcohol allowed) for no charge
  Keep it at a club setting for a fee per person
  Cancel Friday and keep a Saturday Dinner/Program
  Change the dinner from a formal sit down to a potluck (this would decrease costs substantially)
  Cancel Saturday and just have a Friday night social
  Keep both nights
  Keep the golf tournament
5)   Are you interested in helping plan the next reunion?

Yes No
6)   Tell us how you felt about the reunion if you DID attend

7)   Any additional suggestions or comments?