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05/23/08 06:17 PM #1    

Chris Goodreau (Chiba)

Woot Woot...I get the SECOND post on here too!!!
Thanks a bunch Bea ;-)

08/26/08 01:56 PM #2    

Todd Reilly

Wondering if anyone would care to golf on the weekend of the reunion. Thought it might be fun while in San Diego.

08/26/08 08:08 PM #3    

Kimberly Cavallin

Noticed on the Teacher Memories page that Jim Pilling has contacted or was contacted. Does anyone know if he will be attending?

09/03/08 12:58 PM #4    

David Goode

Don't forget your skateboard... There's a lot of new parks here in SD!

09/07/08 09:07 AM #5    

Kevin Wiggins

Clair, Liz Grey, Barbara, Wendy and Beatriz, You Girls rock! Thanks for the good time!!! It was great seeing everyone...

09/07/08 10:49 AM #6    

Arron Dowd

Last night was awesome. Thank all who attended for making it a memorable evening.

09/07/08 11:12 AM #7    

Cynthia Daugherty (Mason)

Clair, Liz Grey, Barbara, Wendy and Beatriz thank you so much for all of your hard work to make such a great night. Last night was too much fun!!! It was awesome to see everyone!!!! What a great time.

09/07/08 05:01 PM #8    

Rick Ouellette

Kudos ladies on the awesome job you did on the reunion. It was absolutely the BEST!! My wife and I had a great time and really enjoyed seeing so many old friends. We all aged pretty well! Very best to you all and thanks again.

Rick and Nancy Ouellette

09/08/08 07:01 AM #9    

Franchesca Dalfio (Morgan)

To EVERYONE who attended the 30th reunion:
It was fantastic to see you all. I must say, you all looked beautiful and handsome.
I'll be posting pictures from my camera soon. To all my "girls" Damn, you looked good! And you guys, you know who you are, what can I say, but, you still got it!
Love and hugs always,
***Beatriz,Clair,Liz W., Liz G. Barbara, Wendy,you did a wonderful job.
I love you all

09/08/08 09:09 AM #10    

Carol Lee (Vandervelden)

Thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart. I can't remember when I have had so much fun!
Thank you Liz W. & Paul Gooding for the music, it added so much.
Thank you Clair, Lizz, Wendy, Barbara and Bea for a job well done!

04/16/10 12:44 PM #11    

Russell Jb Palmer

Wow, I recognized alot of those last names. Mann- Have I missed alot... I will be Posting alot in the near future, since I apparently have alot to catch up on. So when I do Post, read it slow because I don't type fst. Remember, I was out thuggin'- so I didn't pass typing class. I think 1 job I had clocked me at 19 words a minute... but quickly, How many of you have Sons- up to 40... no joke, i'm in contact with William Whitehead, (Buggs)- who will be 50 on September 13, and his oldest son is 38. The funny thing is, I jammed up the girl first, he was all quiet- and the girl chose him. She said- "you're so quiet!" Not to be a Hater, but I said: "no, he's sneaky!" She Was 11. She had him at age 12. One other thing- I spoke to James French a lil' bit ago- he's a Preacher up in Northern California. I was saddened to hear of our Passing of friends when I came to this site- we never took it anywhere at all- but I was Very Much in love with Vanessa Wesson. She even danced with me at Horace Mann when we used to have those Dances in the Cafeteria in the mornings in 7th Grade- "WOW"- that was one of the reasons I became a tough guy... I just knew I was all that when "That Pretty Girl" would dance with the likes of me... more memory lane next time- especially if I get a Reply. Finally- I was doing Security work up at Emerald, when I saw Bruce Pendleton... Imagine, me Woop de woop, 'Brimmah Bull' Sir Lunchin being recognized 22 Years later, and by name. Please- Post ans fill me in...

04/16/10 12:48 PM #12    

Russell Jb Palmer

PS- the reason I spell 'Mann' with 2 N's, is in referrence to all of us who attended Horace Mann... yeah yeah, I know- corny... but, all bad Bad Guys aren't bad guys. And I was never a bully- ask Jimmy Davilla... I used to keep bully's off of him, long before he became a star on The Waltons... I Told YOU!!! I have some memories too...

07/02/10 03:46 PM #13    

Brenda Grant (McBride)

Hi everyone! Lets get a mini get together going on sometime in the near fyture! It would be fun for those who didnt attend the 30th. We can meet at a pizza place or wherever!! Just an idea!! If anyone wants to participate in this gathering, feel free to email me at  Thanks!!  All My Best, Brenda

09/19/15 09:51 AM #14    

Marc Bien

I remember you patty rip im sorry I didn't get to meet again again im sorry

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