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Welcome to the Linton High School Class Of 1966 web site. This website is hopefully an avenue to have contact choices and share life since High School as you wish.  We truly hope that you will find this a good tool to just keep in touch should you want to. Please note that if your name is not currently located in the Classmate profiles, send an email to and we will get it updated so you can gain access to the website. We want all of you to have the benefit of a meeting center for our High School Class, free of any advertisements and commercialism. Consequently, no one will have full access unless they have an ID and password. Lastly, if you are a Linton grad from a different year (or a teacher or administrator) you are welcome to join the site, just send a note and you will be added also.


The site administrators are your 45th Reunion Committee.  Registered Classmates can  most easily raise an issue by using the side bar menu item under Member Functions (Message Center)That way everyone can see it.  Those that have not yet registered (can't find their name on the list) will need to use the Contact Us form.  Your Reunion committee currently consists of: Michael Brockbank, Carol Comenzo Collura, Richard and Lois Carachiolo Ferro, John Hulse, Nancee Jenne, Pat Bucci Johnson, David and Debbie Ras LaMontagne, Cindi Baranowski Morrison, Neil Murray, and last but not least the very quiet Peter Pidgeon. 



If you are new to the website please - read this page as it will answer many of your questions on how to get a password, make a profile and how to use the website.

This website was created using a template from the website.  It is currently maintained by your classmates on the reunion committee. It is completely free to our classmatesYou will never be asked to pay to make a profile or to be able to access other alumni profiles.  All of us on the committee have been pretty discouraged and abused by the sites that are just teasers for monthly fees or payments.

You have the option of password protecting your personal profile which blocks the general public and search engines from accessing your profile details.  Once you create a profile, you will also be able to see the profiles of your fellow classmates and interact with them. 
All contact information that you enter into this website will be kept confidential.  It will not be shared or distributed.  Your contact information is private; your address and phone number can't be seen by classmates unless you grant permission on your profile. When someone clicks on your name, all they will see of your contact information is your city and state and whatever information about yourself you choose to put on your piece of the web page. Your email address is not viewable, though an email can be sent to you using the contact box at the bottom of your web page. The way it works is that if you send a message to someone through their profile they will see your email address so that they can respond directly (unlike many other class sites that try to force all communications through the site).

You will need to make your individual profile in order to access any password protected pages on the site.  Start by clicking on the Classmate Profiles link. This will take you to a page with all your classmate names, including yours. Find your name (as it was in High School <g>) and click on it.  Follow the prompts to create your profile. The password that you enter during this process will be used as your login password. You can personalize your page with information such as what have you been up to since graduation in '66, school memories, your family, and photos.

If your email has a Spam Filter, you will want to "white list" the address of noreply@classcreator.netThat is the secure email link that the reunion committee and other classmates can use to send you a message.  Read What is a White List, which is a menu item at top of this FAQ for further clarification on this.
If you click "Remember Me" when you log in, you will not need to log in next time you go to the site. (tech note - it lays down a cookie that remembers the machine you're using) Note there is a password retrieval feature to click on: "Forgot Password?" in case you need to log in sometime and can't remember your password; the password will be sent to your email inbox. You can login from computers other than your home computer but you will need to enter your password (because they won't have the cookie there).

If you cannot find your name on the
Classmate Profilespage, please contact the committee to have your name added.   Use the 'contact us' form and let us know what happened.

If you change your email address, snail mail address, or phone number, please update those in your profile so when a hard copy is downloaded (e.g. for the reunion) it will have your correct information.

Check back from time to time with the
Home page, where main information and announcements are made.

Enjoy and have fun with the website!!


How do I upload pictures to my Profile web page?
1.    Be sure you are logged in on the home page. In the links on the left side under MEMBER FUNCTIONS, click on the link: Edit/Upload Photos.
2.    The Photo page will appear and you’ll see a gray box titled: Upload New photo. Click on this box and you will be at the Add Photo page.
3.    The Add Photo page gives basic instructions for uploading your photos. There are 3 places on this page to make entries.
Sort: The sort number controls the order in which photos display on your page. By default your pictures will appear in the order you entered them, so this isn’t important for your first picture. But later if you want picture #5 to appear as #1, you will have to change the sort numbers on your pictures. If you delete a picture, the sort numbers for the remaining pictures do not change (e.g., if you delete picture #2 out of 4 pictures, you will show pictures #1, 3, and 4.)
Caption: Caption is the description you write for your picture.
Browse: This is the most important one, for this is how you find the picture on your computer and get it to appear on your page.
4.    Your first picture will automatically be Sort Number 1.
5.    Now click the Browse button. A list of folders on your computer will show up. Locate the folder that holds your picture. For most classmates this will be the My Pictures folder located in the My Documents folder. When you have clicked through to your picture file, click the view button at the top to show icons as pictures. This makes it easier to find the specific picture you want to upload.
6.    Select the picture you want to upload by clicking on it once, and then click Open at the bottom of the box.
7.    Now you will be taken back to the Add Photo page and in the Upload Photo box you will see the path to your picture.
8.    Enter the Caption for your picture in the box.
9.    Click the SAVE CHANGES button.

Now go to your Profile page and look for your picture and caption.

Shortcut for multiple pictures: If you are uploading several pictures that are in different folders, you can copy them to your desktop, then delete them later. Make sure you COPY, not move, your pictures, so you won’t delete the original.


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What is a Whitelist?  Is that something I need to do?


Here's a tip that will make communicating with Classmates easier.

In today's world so many spam emails are sent daily that many people and/or email service providers have resorted to very high level spam filtering. This unfortunately means that sometimes messages sent from our web site to Classmates, and even messages from one Classmate to another, can be marked as spam and therefore never read.  Perhaps this may explain why you are not getting emails from a classmate when they say one was sent.
There are measures you can take to combat this problem.  You can safely Whitelist Communications between Classmates are sent by the system from this address.
Note: "whitelist" is the general term for allowing an email to come through from a specific email address every time, regardless of the content contained within the email. Whitelist is also sometimes referred to as a "Safe List" or an "Approved Senders" list.
When you and your Classmates whitelist email addresses, messages that may not ordinarily get through will now be received and read every time.
Well over 90% of you will need to do nothing concerning Whitelist, but some systems will identify incorrectly as Spam, and whitelisting will prevent this.  Here is a link that may help you to determine how to whitelist, depending upon what email program that you use.  You can normally determine how to whitelist your email by clicking HERE and then clicking your email program listed for instructions.
Please be aware that we are assured the Class Creator system does not send spam mail of any kind to Classmates.  Thus you can whitelist Class Creator email addresses with confidence that spam email will never be sent from their address.  The Class Creator system has over 10,000 class sites on their system; that high level of business would not be retained if they sent spam messages.  Additionally, you can safely expect to NOT have your computer compromised in any way from our Class Website, or the system.
Taking these measures will help ensure that all Classmates participating in the site can freely communicate without losing legitimate messages to spam filtering technology.


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There are 4 questions at the end of my Profile.  How should I answer those?


Profile Visibility:  You probably want to check that box, as it will stop the Google Spiders from finding you.

Contact Details:  That is up to you on what you want seen by your classmates.  Either checked or unchecked is pretty self explanatory on the affect realized.

Birthday:  Oh go ahead and check it.  We want to wish you a Happy Birthday at the right time.

Classmate Comments:  This is checked by default, which is just fine.  The description of what it does is clear, and checking makes an accessible link a classmate can use to make their own comment(s) directly to your Profile.  That might be interesting  :)  However, if you don't care for the comments, you can edit or delete them.


Profile Visibility:  
  Allow only fellow Classmates to view my Profile details. This will block the public and search engines from accessing your Profile. Leave this box unchecked if you wish to allow the public (friends, co-workers, family members, etc.) to view your Profile details.
Contact Details:  
  Allow Classmates to see my address and phone number (this information is hidden from your Classmates unless you check this box).
  Allow Classmates to view my Birthday. This option allows Classmates to see your Date of Birth in your Profile and on the home page 30 days prior to your Birthday.
Classmate Comments:  
  Allow Classmates to enter comments under my Profile. (Most users opt to leave this feature on. You have the ability to edit or delete any comments left under your Profile.)


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  I didn't get a password to access the site



On this site you create your own password
when you claim your name.
When you see this box:


Members: Log In

Remember me
  Forgot Password?
Not a member?
Find and click YOUR name.
Don't click on log in....
Just click on "JOIN HERE"...that should get
you to a list, and you are now on it, so you
can click on your name and then establish
your account and password.  No cost.
You can click on "JOIN HERE" up in the box
right now...