Troy Bass

Profile Updated: April 16, 2008
Troy Bass
Residing In: West Plains, MO USA
Spouse/Partner: Michelle (Shelly)
Occupation: Sales Manager (Great Rivers Distributing)
Children: Riley born 1987, Brody born 1998
Yes! Attending Reunion

Selling Budweiser

School Story:

My school memories. They are clouded for sure.
" I remember drinking beer on the way to school with Brian Shull in my gold 1970 Chevy pick-up.
" I remember being in band and choir because they were easy classes.
" I remember parties at the Robins houses. I know one lived in Walnut Hills and she had a really hot mom. The other lived behind the fair grounds. They were younger than us.
" I remember Coach Long giving me damn Cobras all the time. He would hold his hand up like a Cobra snake and hit me in the chest. It would knock the shit out of me.
" I remember chewing Hawken chewing tobacco in this one class with a real old teacher. She was really old and kinda weird, but real nice. She walked every where. I cant remember her name.
" I remember getting suspended for dropping the F bomb in typing class.
" I remember sitting at Bings parking lot to find out where the parties were.
" I remember pounding a few beers on graduation day. Was I valedictorian?
" I remember senior week going to some place down at the lake. We went to this fair like place and rang the bell with a big sledge hammer for mugs.
" I remember how happy I was to see a signature on my diploma.
I wish I could do it again knowing what I know now. I was trying to think of some hot teachers, but Im drawing a blank.
I would like to thank Julie for all her work. I would like to nominate her for reunion queen. This Buds for you.

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