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Welcome to CHS we hope you enjoy the pictures that have been submitted by members of our Class of 1967. We hope that you enjoy and we are always looking to add pictures of our memories of our years at CHS. If you have any please let us know and we will be glad to add these! We hope that you enjoy as much as we have!




                       The baseball game was played behind the football field.

Article from the Echo Senior Year


                                             Senior Year Football Roster

Article from the Echo Senior YearArticle from the Echo Senior Year


                           Article from the Echo Senior Year


                        Article from the Echo Senior Year



               Article from the Echo Senior Year  

Article from the Echo Senior Year

            Our Senior Year from herbert the mouse!

                     Article from the Echo Senior Year

This article was written our Senior Year in the Echo I wonder if this article could be written today?

                   Article from the Echo Senior Year

Article that Jimmy Simmons wrote our Senior Year in the Echo

                             Article from the Echo Senior Year


                Article from the Echo Senior Year


                     Article from the Echo Senior Year

                    Article from the Echo our Senior Year

                                            S Club for all Sports

#24 Larry Morgan, #52 Bill Blair,#10 Lee Palmer, Charlels McDonald and Doug Wells 

                            Brenda Blackwell her Senior Picture 1967!


Barbara Petty




Larry Baucom's Barracuda! Good looking car!

Central Elementary Basketball Team 8th Grade: I may have made mistakes with the names please email me and let me know who we are missing or names!

Bottom Row: Emily Smith, Lolly Farrar, Brenda Blackwell, Connie Lamb, Kay Haston, Lydia Lokey, Kathy Eakin

Middle Row: ?, Patricia Rutledge, Carolyn Cooper, ?, ?, ?, Pam St. Clair

Back Row: Sara McKay, Janice Jordan, Paula St. Clair, Patsy Wright, Lindia Helfin, Donna Young, Barbara Petty, ?, Coach Eakin


Pam, and Paula St. Clair and Carolyn Cooper catching the train to Atlanta for Senior Trip

Senior Year Party at Henry Horton State Park 1967

Help me and give me the names of the girls!


Karen and Sharon McClanahan's Birthday Party 1967

Lydia Lokey Birthday Party 1967 at Carolyn Coopers House

Party our Senior Year at Carolyn Cooper's House


8th Grade trip for Central Elementary students to the State Capital and The look at that bus!



Mrs. Wilkerson 3rd Grade Class Madison Street Elementary School

Please help us with names!


                                      Carolyn Finney 

Mrs. Summerford's 4th Grade Class at Madison Street Elementary School    Please help us with the names!

Miss Epp's 5th Grade Class Madison Street Elementary School

Please forward names if you can help!


East Side 5th Grade---If you can help with the names please let me know and will add to photo!




Flat Creek Basketball Team February 1963. Picture front row Judy McCormick Pope/Mary Lou Reses Stephens, Diane Carlton Back Row Patsy Reese Stovall Andrews, Connie Graves, Charlotte Butler Mosley, Faye Vogel Fuller.









 Mrs. Stokes First Grade Class    Madison Street Elementary School

Mrs. McKinney's 3rd Grade Class-Eastside School





                  Betsy Simmons 8th Grade Cheerleader Jr High

           Pat Whorley 8th Grade Cheerleader Jr High



Betty Lynn Huffman 8th Grade Cheerleader Jr High


           Marie Haynes 8th Grade Cheerleader

Do you remember this photo? As a small child I remember a man selling pencils in front of the bank.


These were the batting averages for Little League playersl















                              Jimmy Simmons DAV Age 9

Jr. Hi Homcomeing 1963                 #31 Larry Morgan, Sissy Lamb                    Danny Kirpatrick, Queen Cheri Conner            #42 Jimmy Simmons

  Ann Hester and Sherrie Oliver Office Assistants Senior Year

                      Slumber Party At Susan Lorance's house 

 Just got this from Martha Francis Estes please let us know if you know the name of this girl. 

I have all of the names except the far left - and it is on the tip of my tongue! Becky something? I will probably think of it as soon as I hit send. Well, the others starting with the second from the left:

Jeanie Bearden, Carol Lorance, Martha Frances Estes, Susan Lorance, Joanne Craig, Cathy Short


1964         Martha Frances Estes (Krenson) and May Burton Lytle (Seymour) 

 L-R: Martha Frances Estes (Krenson)   Patricia (Pat) Ann Whorley (Looney),Betsy Simmons (Reddig)May Burton Lytle (Seymour) 

Do you remember the "Goat Man"? He would camp down at the dam on Duck River.

        1966 Baseball Team District Champions

First Row Right to Left: William Christie, James Calahan, Billy Mahaffy, Bobby Cook, Wally Brown, Maurice Graham

2nd Row: Bobby Turnbow, David Curl, Billy Neese, Parnell Crews, Tommy Walker, Conley Garmany

3rd Row: Coach John Stanford, Biff Farrar, Barney Geetings, James Bonds,Joey Watts, Bruce Baker, Donnie Cook


"Charlie The Wonder Dog" owned by Mr. Peacock, ridin' on top of his car cruisin' around the Shelbyville square..... That remarkable dog was able to hang on to the roof of the car at highway speeds of 60-65 mph or so, I understand. The late, great television reporter Huell Houser once did a story on Charlie at the former WSM-TV, Channel 4, Nashville, in the 70's





                              Pam St. Clair Graduation Day

This was the outfit that the girls were supposed to wear to graduation white dress and white shoes!

These are pictures from Central Elementary if you know any of these kids please let me know. 

Sorry I wasn't able to rotate straight.





A picture from Jo Anne  thanks!

Susan Lorance is third from the left on the seated row.   I think that Lee Palmer is at the right end of the seated row and I am sitting next to him.   For most of my life I thought I had failed kindergarten since I went twice.   But about ten years ago my mother explained she had sent me a year early because "she didn't like having me around."    Only my mother!!!!!

Look at how many of us were in a first grade class.   Today's teachers would go on strike.  But I do not remember misbehavior.  Why was I wearing that hat?


Mrs Williams  four and five year old kindergarten class from East Side Elementary. Thanks Jo Anne for sharing this really neat photo! 


















Rainbow Kindergarten Graduation 1955

If you know the names please let me know!


This picture is incorrect! It was #52 John Conditt instead of Bill Blair! :)







Notice how the lines were marked for the lanes for the runners!!































                         1966 High School Team

Southside School 4th Grade Class of Miss Frances Lynch (Shavers)

1st Row: (left to right) Shirley Higgins, Doug Wells, Ann Ellen Brown, Pat Whorley, Janet ?, Tommy Walker, Greg Erickson, Debra Cobb, Daniel Brasier, Phillip Clark, Ronnie Wells

2nd Row: Jeannette Petty, Linda McKamey, Ronnie Miller, Judy Sims, Richard Simmons, Beth Molder, Dwight Stephens, Betsy Simmons, Phillip Chockley, Ralph Cleek, Jane Wood

3rd Row: Betty Lynn Huffman, Cheri Conner, ?, Jan Crowell, Clifford Jeffries, Barbara Burch, Ann Hester, Walter Grooms, Betty George, Becky Haynes, Jimmy Simmons, Teacher Miss Frances Lynch



Southside School 3rd Grade Class of Mrs. James Cortner

Front Row: (left to right) Ronnie Miller, Betty Lynn Huffman, Patsy Cook, Jane Wood, Jeannette Petty, Ronnie Wells, Phillip Clark, Judy Sims, Lindia McKamey, ? , Justin Walters, Ralph Cleek

2nd Row: Greg Erickson, ?, Richard Simmons, Dwight Stephens, ?, Pat Whorley, Buddy Taylor, Doug Wells, Danny Kilpatrick, Shirley Higgins, Tommy Walker, Beth Molder

3rd Row: Walter Grooms, Bechy Haynes, Daniel Brasier, Ann Ellen Brown, Sammy Stallings, Barbara Smith, Ann Hester, Clifford Jeffries, Cheri Conner, Jimmy Simmons, Jan Crowell




This picture came from Jimmy Simmons never had seen it before but I guess I was thinking it was going to rain! Also, looks like I had a patch on the leg!!!


                              Ms. Payton 5th and 6th Grade Split                           

                           Ms. Payton 4th Grade at Eastside


                      Ms. Dryde 1st Grade Class Eastside School


                 1st Grade at Eastside School       Ms. Dryde Class


Ms. Stallings 3rd and 4th Grade Split Class at Eastside School---Notice the girl in the back row putting up the ears for the boy in front of her.



                                                            8th Grade 

May Burton Lytle   Martha Frances Estes   Stephen Phillips    Richard Simmons


                                                      Pete Kinser Graduation Picture





                                                  Dianne Adams


                                                                           Debbie Brandon


 Love the Hair Debbie      Debbie Brandon   Dianne Adams    Vera Mai Coop


































David Farrar catching up on some sleep, and JoAnn Craig wonders why he want stop shoring! 





                         Leslie Moses buying his first car from Ernie Cook                       




 Brent Davidson eating at Buds Burger




                                  Austin Shofner and Sammy Sells


Mr. Stephen Wherley paddle is located on the black board to the right!
















Mrs Curlee stopping cars in front of CHS 1967 notice the old cars! This was in front of the school.


















                        Dan Fulton                  Jimmy Williams Class of 1966          David Farrar     


                              FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS 

President-Jimmy Simmons                                                                                                                             Vice-President-Tommy Walker                                                                                                                           Secretary-Biff Farrar                                                                                                                                         Treasurer-Lee Palmer                       Biff                                Tommy                            Jimmy                     Lee



                                  Sophomore Class Officers

President-Sammy Sells                                                                                                                     Vice-President-Bill Blair                                                                                                            Secretary-Pat Whorley                                                                                                            Treasurer-David Farrar                            



                                        Junior Class Officers

President-Bill Blair                                                                                                                                         Vice-President-Doug Wells                                                                                                                             Secretary-Conley Garmany                                                                                                                      Treasurer-Cheri Connor


                                    Senior Class Officers

President-Bill Blair

                Vice-President-Sammy Sells

                        Secretary-Pat Whorley

                                   Treasurer-Betsy Simmons


                                                                                                                                                                JoAnn Craig and Mary Hix getting some pop-corn at the football game looks like Richard Simmons working the booth not sure who gave us the peace sign!     





               This was a picture from one of our 1966 Football Pep Rallies! 



                                   Coaches our Junior Year 1965



                                                      1965 Golden Eagles



                                                 1966 Golden Eagles



                                      Captains 1966 Football Team



                                                 Football Program 1966

                                        We beat Tullahoma by a score of 21-13



                                                1966 Golden Eagles 


                                           1965 Shelbyville Golden Eagles Centers                         52 John Conditt          55 Harold Walker       61 Doug Wells      53 Johnny Bumpus    56 Jimmy Eakin



                                                  Quarterbacks 1966

Jimmy Simmions 13          Bob Higgins 11          Austin Shoffner 38      



                                                           Tackles 1966

74-Sid Summerford                 77-Jeff Starkey             52-John Conditt

71-Billy MaHaffey     79-Roger Porter     72-David Crane     73-Terry Raney



                                               Tailbacks 1966

26-James Ripply        23-Biff Farrar       25-Woody Petty      14-Tommy Kirpatrick



                                                               1966 Wingbacks

12-Tommy Walker                      35-Mike Cartwright           39-James Claybourne



                                                    1966 Fullbacks

45-Tom Trollinger                      46-Kenneth Rippy                34-Toby Castile




                                                            Managers 1966   

38-Mason Carroll                 Gary Halloway in Middle      11-Hayes McLean

                                Kenny Hasting sitting down on one knee



                                             1966 CHS Majorettes

                     Carol Mitchell     Peggy Arnold     Marie Hay     Muffy Shofner



                                          1965 CHS Majorettes  

L-R   Marie Hay                             Muffy Shofner                  Peggy Arnold                   Carol Mitchell                                                    



                                                    Freshman Majorettes 1964



                                                   1966 Color Guard 

L-R  Marilyn Rees                  Joyce Bomar              Donna Young        Virginia Owen        Sara McMay



                                                      CHS Cheerleaders 1966-67 

Left to Right     Libby McGee     Mary Lane Fulton     Annette Giles     May Burton Lytle     Kay Haston     Patsy Wright     Kay Riddle     Barbara Bass  



                                                       1967 Cheerleaders

Top Row:  Kay Haston     Annette Giles      Mary Layne Fulton       Patsy Wright       Kay Riddle                                                 Bottom Row: Libby McGee      May Burton Lytle     Barbara Bass     



                                      Basketball in 1967 at CHS Gym



                          1967 May Burton Lyle Cheerleader Captain  


                                                  CHS Band 1967



                                          Football Stadium 1967     


  Carolyn McCall and Richard Simmons working at the Football Game




                                 Central Elementry Football Team 1962

Bottom Row: Andy Smith, Skipper Spence, Roger Williams, Phillip Reed, Dillard Baker, Kenneth Baker, ? Pope, ? Vaughn, Johnny Waddell

Second Row: ?, Jimmy Eakin, Mike Bell, David Howell, Bobby King, Terry Rainey, Donald Howard

Back Row: Ast Coach ?, John Conditt, Ricky Crick, Don Overcast, Jimmy Long, Billy Crick, Thomas Hurd, Head Coach Derry Eakin 



                              Central Elementary Basketball Team 1963

Bottom Row: ?, Randy Carroll, Billy Jo McCullough, Taylor Logan, ?, Woody Petty, Bobby Arnold, Rittenberry, Mike Cartwright

Back Row: Skipper Spence, David Howell, Donald Howard, John Conditt, Skipper Spencer, Ronnie Givens, Bobby Bomar, Head Coach Ed Carson                                                                                    




                                       Sub-Deb Club Invitation 1966



Sammy Sells and John Conditt picking up trash on Hwy 41-A for Stanley Snodgrass run for governor.



Pope' Cafe located on the square, next door was Simmons Jewelry and Parks Belt on the left. I remember the great pies they had as well as the junk boxes on every table.



JR Crews setting in front of the Pope's Cafe. I remember JR working at the Princess Theater and the pop corn stand in front of McKee's clothing story. What are your memories of JR?



This is the old Central Elementary School but was added as our Annex during our sophomore year. On the far left is the old Coca Cola Building.



Do you remeber the Christams Trees that were sold during Christmas? A great place to buy fishing bait! They had EVERYTHING in the that store!   


How many times have you ever been here? Remember watching cars going to the top of Lane Parkway and trying to get rubber from shifting gears?



Mary Lee’s great gift to this group was teaching us how to play bridge before we want off to college

Front row: Martha Wood, Susan Lorance, Pat Worley, Betty Lynn Huffman, Miriam Sue Burton               Back row: May Burton Lytle, Betsy Simmons, Martha Frances Estes, Beth Moulder, Cheri Conner, Barbara Burch, Jo Anne Craig, Mary Lee


 This Club was located on Murfreesboro Hwy


                            "The Sensations"



Mrs. McKinney’s 3rd Grade Class at Eastside School. Here’s who I recognize:Front row, 6th from left, is Jo Anne Craig, then Jaleno Moon, Biff Farrar, Susan Lorance, Charles McDonald. Second row on left end, Linda Bryant. Third row on left end, Martha Frances Estes, then 3 over, Lee Palmer, Mike Reneger. Back row, 8th over, Marshall Anderson, Ronnie Waters and on far right end, Jimmy Green.


Rainbow Kindergarten Graduation Class of 1955


Vickie Joines (Davis) and Sissy Lamb (Friberg) Presenting Ribbon  to Judy Tillett at the Celebration.



Bill Blair taking on four players, wonder where his teammates were? Pretty Smile!


Babe Ruth VFW Team 1962?


        Mrs. Philpott’s 4th Grade Class at Eastside School


How many hours have we spend here?



    Madison Street Junior High Football Homecoming Court 1962-63

Biff Farrar, Don  Taylor, Ronnie Waters, David Lemmons, Danny Kilpatrick, Jimmy Simmons, Larry Morgan, Danny Melson, Kenneth Harris, Lee Palmer

May Burton Lytle, Melinda Milton, Susan Williams, Martha Francis Estes, Cheri Conners (Queen) Sissy Lamb, Valerie Brown, Nancy Stillman