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This website is for South Gate High School class of 1963 and their guests only.

If you desire access to this website and you are not listed in the Classmate Profiles section, please fill out and send the request form.  Include in the message who you are and why you want access and your request will be considered.  If these elements are missing from your request, your message will be ignored and no response will be given.  Not all requests for access will be granted.

If you are a member of this class and you have forgotten your password, click on the Forgot Password link on the home page.    

In order to receive communications, you need to add  & to your allowed e-mail addresses and/or get another e-mail account and add your other e-mail address as your alternate e-mail address.


SITE ADMIN:  "Lu" Lucretia Patterson (Clayton)

CO-ADMIN:    Monica Paul (Wimmer)

CO-ADMIN:    Marilyn Geiger (Belle)


Please do not enter anything here. If you are blind and having problems filling out this form, please call 734-585-5605.


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