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By Year Deceased Alphabetically Yearbook Photo

Michael Carl Abdo (Deceased 2015)  
Bill (William) Burt Anderson (Deceased 2000)  
John R. Andrysek (Deceased 2004)  
Mike Bach W'63 (Deceased 2007)  
Jerry Lynn Bailey (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Una Ville Bannister (Lord) (Deceased 2013)  
Gary L. Barth (Deceased 2001)  
John William Barton (Deceased 2007)  
Terry Beeler (Deceased 2023)  
David Belyea W'63 (Deceased 1992)  
Donald Ernest Bemis (Deceased 1980)  
Allen Bentley (Deceased 1997)  
Kathy (Kathryn Ann) Bradbury (Deceased 1987)  
Marliee Bruszer (Deceased 1978)  
Diana Lynn Byrd (Deceased 2002)  
Phil (Phillip Wayne) Cope (Deceased 2004)  
Bill (William Forrest) Cornett (Deceased 2022)  
Pat (Patrick A. ) Coulter (Deceased 1977)  
Vernon DE Bilzan W'63 (Deceased 2014)  
Lucille Del Giudice (Deceased 2003)  
Dixie Marie Dugan (Murray) (Deceased 2018)  
Jack Eade (Deceased 2019)  
Bonnie Emmerich (Deceased 1997)  
Jo Ann Eremita (Deceased 1963)  
Gary Michael Felegy (Deceased 1982)  
Patti Flinn (LeVar) (Deceased 2005)  
Dennis Gene Fuller (Deceased 2001)  
Larry Futchko (Deceased 1985)  
Jennie Mary Gonzalez (Bergstresser) (Deceased 2008)  
Mary Louise Grippe (Deceased 1998)  
Bruce David Hampton (Deceased 1997)  
Bruce Heicke (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Creighton Ross Helsley (Deceased 2009)  
Bob (Robert C. ) Henricksen (Deceased 2013)  
Peggy Hill (Lunder) (Deceased 2018)  
Danny Hurt W'63 (Deceased 2002)  
Lucia Inga (Kondas) (Deceased 2011)  
Charles Stanley Jacobsen (Jacobsen) (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Wanda Louise Johnson (Allen) (Deceased 2019)  
Bill (William M. ) Kirby (Lt. Col. William Meredith Kirby) (Deceased 1990)  
Karen Kirkwood (Ruston) (Deceased 2021)  
Ronald Lee Knudtson (Deceased 2019)  
Bill (William Christopher) Koubele (Deceased 1992)  
William Krueger Jr ((Toad)) (Deceased 2008)  
Marv Ladd (Deceased 2022)  
Dee (Donna Mae Lenore) LaMarr (Deceased 1965)  
Milford Lilley W'63 (Deceased 2008)  
Edward Allen Lubinski (Deceased 2009)  
Rodney M. Lupcho (Deceased 2006)  
Clyde Lynch (Deceased 1973)  
Kent Raymond Mahoney (Deceased 1964)  
Jerry Fred Manzanares (Deceased 1995)  
Richard Norie Marengo (Deceased 2009)  
Kathryn Martin W'63 (Nowell) (Deceased 2019)  
Bill (William Philip) Mason (Deceased 1978)  
Kathy McFARLIN W'63 (Deceased 1995)  
Ken McINTOSH W'63 (Deceased 1984)  
Marilyn McKinney (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Judy Irene Mershon (Deceased 1965)  
Ken (Kenneth Edward) Miller (Deceased 1993)  
Mike Mumford (Deceased 1989)  
Mike (Michael Edward) Neal (Deceased 2023)  
Brenda Nelson-Benet W'63 (Peterson Bixby) (Deceased 1982)  
Douglas A. Padgett (Deceased 2009)  
Patricia Lynn Parks (Deceased 1983)  
Pat (Patricia Alexis) Patterson (Yardley) (Deceased 2010)  
Tom Persing (Deceased 2010)  
Carolyn Jeanne Phillips (Deceased 2002)  
Rodney S. Philmon (Deceased 2002)  
Bonnie Jean Philpot (Salerno) (Deceased 2016)  
Sharon Pierce W'63 (Roberts) (Deceased 2011)  
Randy Raabe W'63 (Deceased 2010)  
Arlene Reyes (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Jack Richardson (Deceased 2008)  
Tonya Rinard W'63 (Carnicella -Peter) (Deceased 2004)  
Doug Romanoski (Deceased 2005)  
Barbara Jean Rounds (Martinez) (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Brent Michael Rue (Deceased 1993)  
Darrell L. Ruppel (Deceased 2010)  
Nancy Ruth Ryerson (Deceased 2018)  
Elaine Schwab W'63 (Deceased 2018)  
Rodney E. Sehm (Deceased 1993)  
Gayle Sheldon W'63 (Deceased 2015)  
Jeannie (Eugenie Marie) Shoberg (Deceased 2010)  
John "Fuzzy" (John Franklin) Smith (Deceased 2018)  
Pat (Patricia Ann) Sollenberg (Deceased 2022)  
Tim (Timothy Bert) St. Martin (Deceased Year Unknown)  
John Joe Stefancic (Deceased 1995)  
Sandy Stewart W'63 (Deceased 2013)  
Robert Stotts W'63 (Deceased 2004)  
Ed Sumrow W'63 (Deceased 2018)  
Patricia "Pat" Taylor (Pilon) (Deceased 2008)  
Tom (Thomas Eugene) Turner (Deceased 1992)  
Mary Ann Wendel (Hargrave) (Deceased 2009)  
Frank S. West (Deceased 2010)  
Bruce A. Willamson (Deceased 2007)  
Linda Williams (Denny) (Deceased 2016)  
Richard R. Wright (Deceased 1999)  
Bob (Robert Lawrence) Yahn W'63 (Deceased 2007)  
Nancy Karen Young (Deceased 1989)  
Pat (Teacher) Rawald (Miller) (Deceased 2023)  

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