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06/22/08 09:42 PM #1    

James Grimes

Welcome to the Lafayette High School Class Of 1969 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

08/19/08 09:59 PM #2    

Kathy Swindler (Zwernemann)

My daughter found this website when she was googling her father's (John Miester, who died in November,1990)name. This is great. Thank you for putting it together. I was astounded by the number of names on the In Memory tab, and saddened. So many of our classmates who have died. It's heart breaking.

10/10/08 06:37 PM #3    

Cathy Carrel (Sontheimer)


A shout out to some really close childhood friends that I stumbled, fumbled, and bumbled my way thru early childhood, puberty, and adolescence with: Gary Bockelman, Gary Bell, Charles Hinkle, Billy Scott, Stanley Adams, Eugene Moore; our forays onto Billy Goat Hill and Wyeth Hill, along MacArthur Drive and the Missouri River, our involvement with the YMCA and its summer camps, the summer playgrounds at Humboldt and College Hill, Bill Spalding and Bob Spalding joining our neighborhood football games of "kill the man with the ball"... You people are special because you were the neighborhood gang had been in my home a couple of times on our way to the auditorium for the wrestling matches and seen the poverty and difficulty of my home life, yet never commented to me about it.

Thank you for inviting me into your homes as children and for your families' treatment of me as one of their own.
The '50's and '60's were not easy racial times but I was always well-received and never felt rejected. Much of my lifelong understanding of people is based on the interactions with you and your families, especially when viewed in the context of history.

There are many others of you who provided me a feeling of inclusion at Lafayette at a time when our country was at great odds about racial integration. I think of Jim Grimes, Marta Smith (Gore), Dr. Everett, Gary Thompson and Greg Angsten (I remember you guys from the summer playgrounds and baseball), Mike Wolf (whom I first met when I was 4 or 5 years old and we lived a block or two away from each other on a couple of occassions) Keith and Kent Clark, Daryl Inscho, big John Miller, lil' Joe Miller (short and powerful),

There are some other females who were very open to me (Marta was always smiling!), Charlicia Good and her cousin Betty Simpson (who I had a crush on from Humboldt, where we were in the 2nd and 3rd grades together and both transferred to Washington), Nancy Breit, Adele Lynn (she was real smart!), Perriann Davis (short and friendly!), Sharon Didlo (tall red-head), Kathy Adams, Ania Lyon, Donna French...

I know there are some others whom I did not mention and whose names I can't remember at the moment (I'm 57 years old, sue me!). I have thought of you all on numerous occassions thru the years. Any of you with memories of me, please feel free to share. I'm sure they can't all be positive memories because, after all, we are talking about human beings here, so share what you want. I would like to hear from any of you.

02/20/09 10:33 PM #4    

Carolyn Seippel (Sidwell)

Hello Classmates,
As I read some of the other comments and profiles I am
amazed that here we are 40 years later and except for a
few aches and pains I don't feel much different. Can we
all really be approaching the big 60 in a couple of years?
Some of us haven't changed much at all and some of us
don't even look like the same person but we have all
grown and matured and I hope we can all get together
and have a wonderful time.
I realize that the high school years weren't always a
fun time for everyone;and those years to some people were
"everything". But which every group you were or are in,
I hope all of you that are still among us of the class of
1969 will consider coming to the reunion this year.
Please don't wait another 5 years because unfortunately
there are those among us who possible won't be here.
Please consider coming. We would love to see you!

03/01/09 03:35 PM #5    

Kristi Alders (Williams)

Kristi Alders-Williams

Your right where did 40 years go!!! I was in the group of kids that enjoyed my High School years. No, I was not the smart kid in the class but boy I had the most fun in class. Look forward to Friday night football games and hanging out with Sharon Walter and CB boys. OH, the good old days. I thought to myself after reading about losing another classmate I better make an effort to come home and go to the 40th class reunion. I truly enjoy looking forward to seeing all my Lafayette classmates. I enjoy getting e-mails also from my classmates so BRING THEM ON!!!!!

04/27/09 08:05 AM #6    

Linda Cox (Van Vactor)

It was so wonderful to see everyone this past weekend. I know that Frank and I had a fantastic time and think that everyone in attendance did as well.

I tried to speak to everyone on the committee to personally thank them for their efforts in making all of our reunions so special. If I missed any of you please accept my apologies and know that I DO appreciate everything you have done in the past and for the reunions to come. I so hope that we can keep in contact over the years and not wait another 5 years.....

If any of you ever make your way to Tulsa Town please get in touch. Big Hugs and warm wishes to each and everyone of you. I wish each of you the best life has to offer!

04/27/09 02:49 PM #7    

Jody Schneider (Schneider)

Our 40th reunion is now a happy memory for those of us who attended. I had missed the last three reunions for reasons that I cannot remember now, but I am sorry I missed them. I won't miss another one. The friends we made in our youth have impacted who we are as adults and for me, it is such a pleasure to get together and remember those times.
A big thank you to the committee for all your hard work and a bigger challenge to those who could not attend this year, to make it to the next one! You can slam an 'Irish Car Bomb' and spend the evening in delightful conversations with old friends!

04/28/09 09:24 AM #8    

Roger McLain

Concur with Linda and Jody...wonderful time had by all last weekend. Kudo's to the planning committee. A lot of hard work done behind the scenes to insure everyone had an enjoyable reunion. Though I've been away from St. Joseph and Lafayette 37+ years, it was sure nice to see and chat with so many former classmates.

Jim ~~ great job in putting together the website, maintaining, updating, etc. Just in case I forgot to tell you over the weekend....."THANKS".

04/29/09 01:11 PM #9    

Stephen Allen

Thanks to everyone who had a part in the reunion. Thanks for the e-mail Jim even if you mentioned everyone BUT me. I guess I missed a few folks at the dinner night. Nice to see such a large crowd at Friday's ball game. Wish I had known it was a "no press" and "no fast break" type game, I might even a got out there and shot a few bricks!

Anyhow, I appreciate all signing my geocaching Travel Bug I made in honor of the class of 69. It is in a geocache now and waiting to travel from geocache to geocache around the world. You can track its progress on-line at and click the trackables tab. enter the travel bug number GANFHG and click search. It should bring it up and show you a photo of it and where it is and where it has been. Geocaching is a fun recreational sport where families can go out together and search for hidden treasures. Check it out also at

Enough soapboxing. Loved seeing you all and really appreciate y'all getting together, especially all of the out-of-state people.

04/30/09 11:01 AM #10    

Cathy Carrel (Sontheimer)

Hey everybody!! I was great to see so many people at the 40th reunion. Several people who hadn't attended a reunion in quite awhile decided to make the trip this time. The food was wonderful, the music was just right and everyone seemed to have a good time. I think the Benton (Lafayette) Club was the perfect place for this reunion. Hopefully, we can get together more often than every 5 years as Jim suggested.
As Class of 1969 Reunion treasurer, I am proud to tell you that with the money collected when we "passed the basket", we have a great start on planning the next reunion or get-together. Thank you to everyone for being so generous! I hope to see many of you again in the next year or so....... Cathy "Carrel" Sontheimer

05/21/09 10:09 PM #11    

Carolyn Seippel (Sidwell)

Well it has been roughly about a month since we had our
reunion and I am still basking in the after glow. I really want to thank all of you who took the time out of
your busy schedules to either travel back to St Joe or to just walk out your door and hop in a car. As part of the committee I want you to know it was worth all the
meetings,"discussions", and planning it took to see all
the smiles are everyone's faces.
Maybe it is because we lost 3 classmates within a month
of the reunion and maybe because we have all finally
grown "into our own" but I think everyone had a good time. I think we had people from all four corners of the
country and many places in between. I was lucky enough to
have some very old and dear friends reach out to me during this time and we have renewed old friendships and
made them stronger and better. (you know who you are).
I hope we don't wait 5 years for us all to get together again.

09/15/09 04:57 PM #12    

Marsha Funk Boyer

Hello to all. Sorry I missed the reunion. You all look good. maybe I can make it next time. Marsha

03/15/10 10:23 AM #13    

Mike Lucas

I probably won't be attending the basketball tournament this year, so you can exhale! Do take note, however: I began working out again in earnest about ten days ago and am making good progress. I have to dump this 25-pound stomach that someone lost and it came to rest on me. I will redeem myself and my self-respect!

By the way, I vote "yes" on the yearly get-together. I try to come home at least twice a year and can plan around an alumni event from time to time.

Also, for those of you who attended Washington Elementary School, I have talked to Betty 'Gig' Simpson recently. She resides in Belton, Mo. I suspect she is in less than perfect health and would probably appreciate a word of recognition from some of us (Daryl Inscho, Stanley Adams, Joel, Charlicia Good, Nancy Breit, and Gary Bell [who she said she did talk to], to name a few.

03/27/10 11:28 PM #14    

Stephen Allen

Hey classmates- I want you all to know I have created a PONY EXPRESS SESQUICENTENNIAL commemorative geocoin for the 150 year celebration coming up next week (April 3). It could be contributed to Joe Neff and his faith in me to like Art or even Evelyn Lehr's influence on me and art. Anyhow here it is and it is 2" x 1.5" in an antique copper finish. I will post photos of it (front and back) for you to see as you might want to own one for a classmate keepsake or historical souveneir. Anyhow Jim Grimes wants us to keep the website going so I figured what the heck! I did my part. If you want to own a coin, see me or email me or go to any of the museums in town or Tourist Info Center or Fireside Gifts to get your very own coin!

09/20/11 08:32 AM #15    

Stephen Allen

OK Mr Grimes, I added a photo so I have updated my file or profile not sure if I am really a "pro" or not tho.

02/03/12 04:26 PM #16    

Stephen Allen

I am posting to let you all know I have designed and made a commemorative coin for the TITANIC 100 year anniversary on April 15, 2012.  These huge coins are very detailed to show two sides. One is of the ship approaching the iceberg and the other side shows a mini life ring complete with a rope around it and a center insert that shows a underwater scene of the sunken hull of the ship as it is now.  Very cool coin.  See my photos and email me at if you are interested.

05/06/19 08:30 PM #17    

Bill Scott (Scott)

Hello to all of you guys and girls. I do apologize for not making the 50th.Jim G,I'm sure glad you dodged a bullet recently!Myself,I have ok health,but have to watch sugar some. I been diagnosed with type 2 and blood pressure issues. I take low milligrams of RX and diet control. Still trucking some,still married some. Thinking about moving out of Missouri before I get too much older.It's a reality check when I checked the obituary list. It's hard to imagine that all of the people are not here anymore. Especially the ones I went to grade school with. I'm still in Grandview, Mo and my cellphone # is 816-489-2380 if by chance any one would like to chat. Please do be patient with me for I barely remember how to tie my shoes. I hate to think about it may be time for those velcro shoes! Best of all life to all of you! Bye for now, Bill Scott

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