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Phoenix Issues

Do you want to relive our years at the College by reading issues of The Phoenix? You'll find them all online.

Search by date doesn't seem to be working, but you'll find all the issues one one of these two pages:

May 1970 - response to invasion of Cambodia

5/5/1970    Invasion provides impetus for student strike (regular issue + supplement)
5/6/1970    Reports on strike activities (supplement)
5/7/1970    Reports on faculty meeting; Phoenix signs off as chronicler of the strike (supplement)
5/15/1970  Mass enthusiasm for strike evaporates

January 1969 - Black admissions crisis

1/10/1969   Regular issue - it begins
1/11/1969    Supplement    
1/12/1969    Supplement  
1/13/1969    Supplement
1/14/1969    Supplement 
1/15/1969    Supplement 
1/16/1969    Supplement
1/17/1969    Supplement  
1/29/1969    Regular issue - Comprehensive Coverage

April Fools' Day Phoenix -  a special issue each year

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