Comic Sketch Routines

Humor doesn't always age well and taste is subjective. These are among the classics, some of which transcend time; others, maybe not so much. Hope a few will give you at least a smile, as you consider their context. Will post a couple at a time.

If you have a favorite not listed, please send me the link and I'll add it to what will become a growing list. Myles at

1 - 3 posted September 12, 2017

4 posted November 02, 2017

5 posted January 27, 2018

5.  Sid Caesar's "Your Show of Shows": A Fella Needs a Girl 7:31 (aired November 29, 1952) - thanks, Sam.

4.  Lucille Ball: Chocolate Scene  2:02 (aired September 15, 1952)

3.  Lucille Ball: Chocolate Scene  2:02 (aired September 15, 1952)

2.  Jackie Gleason: Honeymooners Golf Scene  4:08 (aired October 1, 1955) - thanks, Sam.

1.  Martin and Lewis (1952 ... bits, improv, songs, commercials, references to Newark; imagine, Lewis was the Millennial of that day)