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03/29/20 10:38 PM #205    

Myles Schlank

If Brotman's were to reopen, and only for us Medicare beneficiaries, what real and fictional products would they stock?

03/30/20 11:57 AM #206    

Carol Siegel (Ross)

N95 masks!

03/30/20 01:14 PM #207    

Patricia (Nickie) Shaffer (Gorsky)

A cure for this COVID did say fictional, right?


03/31/20 11:54 AM #208    

Carol Siegel (Ross)

When I made my estimate of how many Americans would die from the Covid-19 virus (about 200,000), I forgot to add in for an unknown, stupidity. It certainly looks like my number is now the minimum.

Hi, Nickie

03/31/20 04:09 PM #209    

Patricia (Nickie) Shaffer (Gorsky)

Hi Carol! Stay well...and yeah...stupidity abounds in leadership. 

04/01/20 01:03 PM #210    

Howard Linker

Hello Classmates,

Like everyone glued to their computers, Ipads, phones, and other electronic devices I feel compassion for those affected while feeling enormous gratitufde for the heroic efforts of our nurses, doctor's, er personel , etc who literarly are keeping our medical system afloat. I live in Manhattan where at exactly 7:00 pm every night vast majorities of my neighbors open their windows extend their hands and clap, and whistle and scream at the tops of their lungs for the entire medical community. In New York City there is almost never a consensus of opinions but the coronavirus has unified New York in a way I've never seen before. Yes, there is untold sorrow pain and terrible news nightly but there's also heartmoving gut wrenching stories of the human spirit, doing amazing acts on behalf of others in need.

I choose to believe in the human spirit and know we will endure. I pray for the well being of my class of '64 and the well being of the planet in general. Please stay safe......





04/01/20 11:22 PM #211    

Maxine Youin (Kleiman)

Thanks Howard.  We all needed to see your post.  Stay well and healthy, WOMHS class of 64!  

04/02/20 12:39 PM #212    

Howard Linker

Hello Maxine,


Thanks you for your comments hope you and your family are doing ok

04/02/20 12:43 PM #213    

Carol Siegel (Ross)

I was a New Yorker before I moved to New Jersey. I always knew that about New Yorkers. Everyone thinks they are cold and rude, but that is so not true, they're just busy. It's pretty bad here in Jersey, but our first responders and medical teams are also doing a stellar job. I think we're a week or two behind you as far as Covid goes. 

Yes, that goodness for electronic devices. I've been reading extensively. My English teacher would be so proud of me, if I only could remember her name.

04/03/20 01:02 PM #214    

Myles Schlank

From Steve Lipton. Click here to see a brief video of his grandon, Theo, discovering windows, in NYC. Meant in response to Howard's post, number 210. It's unlisted, on Unable to post a video on this site.

04/04/20 09:25 PM #215    

Myles Schlank

Returning to post # 205 (and 206, 207) re: what a reopened Brotman's supermarket should stock, the new owners uncovered in their basement a cache of 100,000 surgical masks. Rebranded for our times, these CUPID-19 masks are available in multiple colors, and offered at 1962 prices! Guaranteed to flatten the curve.

From the August 3, 1937 issue of LOOK magazine.  "To fool the flu, during a recent epidemic, movie kisses were rehearsed behind antiseptic masks. Since each kiss must be rehearsed about 20 times before the cameras turn, it was said that four out of five flu germs would be prevented from spreading. Stanley Morton and Betty Furness are shown here."

09/30/20 03:53 PM #216    

Myles Schlank

Cabana Club promo that may have pursuaded many of our parents to join. From the 1950s to the 1960s (compliments of Ora Gordon, who posted them on a CC Facebook page).

Please feel free to hit "Post Response" and post any stories about your summers at the CC, or Mountaincrest, or Hanover, or St. Cloud swim clubs.

Probably will delete some/all of these jpegs after a short while. They consume a lot of our diminishing free space.



10/01/20 01:45 PM #217    

Stuart Goldfaden


I loved Cabana Club.  We joined in 1957, and after a few fabulous summers as a camper, I got my first paying job as a Cabana Boy for 2 or 3 years. The sports and swimming every day, the Color Wars, the dances (my first date was Sharon Turk!), the food!  And "Damn Yankees" and "Oklahoma".  I got good at tennis there, and began playing doubles with Larry Wolf and Howie Linker, relationships that led to several Tennis Conference Championships while at Mountain.  It was a very big part of my youth and of West Orange, and I remember it fondly.




12/26/22 12:04 PM #218    

Gary Caronia

Sorry to hear about myles.What a great guy. He kept our class together for many years. He will be missed.

01/12/23 02:19 PM #219    

Debby Timins (Snowman)

Hi all...just want you to know I was able to change the administrator to me in hopes of continuing what Myles so lovingly kept going.  I am Not really computer savvy so please be gentle with me and offer help, assistance whatever will keep us up and running.

happy new year and wishes for a good year with many blessings.  Please keep checking in to see if we have any news for a 60 th reunion next year....all thoughts and suggestions are welcome



01/13/23 07:20 AM #220    

Franklin Bell

dear debbie....thanks from all of us for taking over as are the best...franklin ivan bell


01/13/23 11:08 AM #221    

Gary Caronia

Tanks Debbie

01/13/23 11:09 AM #222    

Gary Caronia

Excuse my spelling. My mind is still there.

01/13/23 01:18 PM #223    

Maxine Youin (Kleiman)

Thanks Debby for taking over this tough job.  I am happy to offer any support although my computer skills are not too great.  Happy to help with a 60th reunion.  Crazy!  How did we get to this age??

01/14/23 03:39 PM #224    

Rich Galen

Debbie:  I know I'm late to the party (again!) but I want to add my voice to all of those thanking you for taking on the maintenance of this forum.   -- Rich Galen

01/14/23 05:58 PM #225    

Arlene Weich (Rosenberg)

Debby, You are special.  Thank you for taking on this respsibility.

Arlene Weich Rosenberg

01/14/23 06:05 PM #226    

Ken Rich


John Anello's e-mail address is:

Also, talking with Mel Maher a few months ago, Mel mentioned that our classmate Dawn Lomelo had died.

Many thanks for taking on the task of keeping us together.



01/15/23 02:58 PM #227    

Carol Siegel (Ross)

Thanks, Debbie! 

01/15/23 09:41 PM #228    

Marlene Cooper (Grad)

I thanked u in a private message. Thx again very much. Wishing you good luck on this new endeavor 

01/08/24 04:22 PM #229    

Debby Timins (Snowman)

I am posting for Jeff Simon regarding the passing of David Charnack

 Thanks for passing along the sad news. I've been in touch with David recently. he sent me a photography book he did, and I sent him a Haggadah I made. Over the years, we've had occasional contact, for which I'm very grateful.  The reunions enhanced our connection and I loved the guy. He had a great laugh chuckle attitude.

Rick Orkin, and he had a great connection through their amazing photography.

I am sad he is gone. He fought his cancer with Grace and Grit.

You will be Missed David, rest  in peace



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