last update:  8/21/2017

Wills Point Ladies Club has two standing committees, Scholarship and Election. 

Participation in standing committees will be strictly voluntary. 

The Committee Chairman will be an officer of the Club.

Committees shall meet at a time and place set by the Committee Chairman.

Special Committees may be established by the officers of the Club to carry out special projects authorized by membership.


 Scholarship Committee

Responsible for reviewing all female Wills Point High School students' applications for Academic Scholarships.  The number and amount of the scholarships will be determined by funds collected by the club that current year.  The committee will consist of three or five members to avoid a tie in voting.





Election Committee
Responsible for preparing ballots, tabulating nominations, gaining consent of those nominated and governing the election.  Also, in the event of a mid-term resignation of any officer, the Election Committee shall propose a new name to be voted on by the members to replace the resigning officer.  The committee will consist of a minimum of two members.