35th Reunion -Videos

Our 35th reunion was a magical weekend!  When I first started planning back in December of 2007, I had no idea that it would turnout like it did. But it wasn't all due to me...each person who attended added their own special spirit to the weekend. It was like we all had never been apart  since 1973 !

The neat think was all the emails and phone calls I made and recieved prior to the event. Caching up with so many friends and even some of you that I did not know all that well. I shared and was shared with many joys, tragedies, and lifelong events and circumstance that made up all of your lives. You know, connections with your past is not always bad and in many respects is very healthy in helping you deal with the present and future. Sometimes rekindling those connections takes you down a new path in life and can be life changing.

Each of you need to keep those connections going. Don't let the "glow' of the reunion die out. Keep in contact with people and share your stories. Use this website for just that purpose.


 This Video is from the 30th Reunion!


 This one is from the 35th Reunion