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10/14/09 10:08 AM #311    

Donna Canter (Goforth)

Happy Birthday Mike......hope you have a Great Day!!

11/25/09 08:09 PM #312    

Steve Kiser

I want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. We all have much to be thankful for - life, family, friends, freedom. Enjoy them all and thank God for them.

02/12/10 04:27 PM #313    

Donna Canter (Goforth)

Happy Birthday Butch Howell!!! Hope you have had a great day.

02/14/10 06:48 PM #314    

Mary Kay Kogas (Thomas)

Thank you, Fred, for remembering all of us girls of the Class of '73 on Valentine's Day! You're a sweetheart, yourself! And Happy Birthday to Patty Ferguson on Valentine's Day!

03/02/10 09:30 PM #315    

Fred Patterson

I will remember Steve Henderson as a very funny guy and good friend in school. RIP Steve...

03/03/10 10:53 PM #316    

Pam Griffin (Guyer)

Me too, Fred. Steve was always a great guy and we will all miss him. Rest in peace, my friend.

03/16/10 08:33 AM #317    

Steve Kiser

Out of curiosity, does anyone remember we had the racial trouble (as in riots) at North. I know that we had one in my sophomore year, but while I remember it being somewhat warm, I cannot remember if it was in the fall or the spring. Even better, does anyone know the dates when they happened the two years previous to us coming to North. I am thinking of writing a book on those years. Thanks - Steve Kiser

03/19/10 02:44 PM #318    

Susan Bright (Hunt)

Response to Steve Kiser-

It was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, November 17th, 1970. There was a small fight before school over some small matter. The morning was quiet after classes started until lunch. Another fight broke out at the cafeteria and we were sent to our next class. My teacher locked the door after all were in. One of my friends was trapped outside and I convinced the teacher to let him in. People were running up and down the hallways. School let out early and we were sent home just as soon as the bus drivers could get there. There was no school on Wednesday to let the situation calm down before Monday.

03/20/10 01:30 PM #319    

Steve Kiser

Susan: Thank you so much - Steve Kiser

05/04/10 09:39 AM #320    

Donna Canter (Goforth)

Happy Birthday Steve Kiser!

05/05/10 12:02 AM #321    

Rick Hardy

Happy Birthday to our buddy Steve Kiser...a true Viking.

08/18/10 11:18 PM #322    

Fred Patterson

Well here we are again, I turn 55 next week, double NICKELS! Anyway from my last post last year you saw that I went to work for Wells Fargo....what a mistake THAT was.. anyway I retired from the Financial Business late last year!

I am now working for the BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA! I spent so much time volunteering that they felt sorry for me and put me on their staff. I am having a blast...besided my degree from college at High Point U was in Non Profit Agency Manamgent It has only taken 30 years to go to work in my field!

Its on only 3 more years to the 40th reunion. I am contemplating how to BETTER the last one...this time next year I will start the process, it takes about 15 months to get it organized and 6 months to publicize, etc.

Here is a question.......what time of year would you like to see the 40th reunion??


Lets get a discussion going






08/24/10 05:58 PM #323    

Susan Bright (Hunt)

Happy birthday!  I do not have a suggestion for the time of year for the next reunion.  Personally my concerts tend to be around Nov.1, Last weekend in Feb. or first in March and mid-May.  It should not be too expensive so people can afford to come but not sleazy cheap.  You did a great job last time.

Susan Bright Hunt

11/26/10 07:20 PM #324    


Pam Grogan (Garner)

 I think fall of the year would be fun and maybe attend a football game. It has been a long time since I sat in that stadium. 

11/26/10 07:21 PM #325    


Pam Grogan (Garner)

 Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!!

06/04/11 05:59 PM #326    

Steve Kiser

I am working on a book on our 1971 championship season as well as some of the racial friction we had that year.  If anyone would like to share anything with me, feel free to send it to my profile.  I am working on this, but being the caregiver to my father and sister, things may not work out as I hope.  Also if anyone has any photos in their personal possession they would like to share, I am interested.  The costs to get the ones from the Journal are astronomical, and they may not exist anymore.  Thanks to everyone in advance.

08/21/11 10:18 PM #327    

Patty McCall (Stoner)

I like the idea of a Reunion in the slower months for most... March .. the fall seems to be crazy for alot, maybe not so bad in late Sept. first of Oct... I know everyone's schedule is different.. Any time too close to holidays, Thanksgiving and the month of Dec.  Yet everyone gets crazy again in late spring end of April and May.  So I hope my thoughts make sense.

I appreciate all your hard work, hope you enjoy your new job at the Boy Scouts, sounds like it was a great change from the stresses of corporate work. A big change of pace and focus. 

Thanks for staying in touch.

Patty Stoner



09/21/11 02:04 PM #328    

Sherry Schrader (Snyder)

Has anyone seen or heard from Sharon Phelps?  I haven't talked to her since my first year in college. 

01/04/13 04:48 PM #329    


Pam Grogan (Garner)

I am so bummed. The Apparel mart is the same weekend as the reunion. I will not be able to attend!!!broken heart

08/15/13 12:35 PM #330    


Martha Apple

Anyway to see who has signed up for the reunion?  I am only able to attend Friday night as have trip planned beginning on Saturday; but look forward to catching up!  Thanks to all for organizing!  

10/22/13 06:42 AM #331    


Walter Joyce

Won't be able to attend the 40Th reunion.  I'm scheduled for a hip replacement that week and don't think I'll be recovered enough to attend.  Sorry to miss all of you.

04/20/16 10:38 AM #332    


Pam Grogan (Garner)

Does anyone know contact information on Robin Sorrells or Jeff Yarbrough?

04/21/16 08:23 AM #333    

R. David Whicker

Jeff works or is retired from RJR. I have not seen him since 2008.  

07/19/23 12:58 AM #334    

Roberta Folkenroth (King)

Hi Donald, don't know if you remember me,I was your next door neighbor on Baux Mtn Rd. We use to play Barbie and GI Joe on bank.. at 6 years old you ask me to marry you and I said IDK there are other fish in the sea! Lol I think about you every BD because yours is April 27th mine is April 28th. Can't wait to see you and your beautiful wife at reunion. Take care, Bertie

10/02/23 11:49 AM #335    

David Wilson


Speaking on behalf of ODIN, I want to send out our most heartfelt thanks to all of you who rocked out with us at the 50th Reunion party Saturday night. We could not see what you saw or hear what you heard, but from where we stood, it was the most awesome and magical event of our 52-year existance as ODIN. We saw a bunch of kids out there kicking it up, dancing with your hearts, smiling, singing along, clapping hands, yelling and applauding, and that right there made us kids again. Most are not lucky enough to have what we all have at 68 years old. We are truly blessed to have each other after all this time. It's a treasure and we cherish it. You guys are awesome and it has been our total pleasure to be the North Forsyth band of choice all these years.

Was this our swan song? Who knows. At our age, we take it a day at a time and we see what happens. Music is with us till we stop breathing. If this was our last hurrah, then it was a damn good one. My sincere thanks to my bandmates who I love like brothers: Mark Williams, Tim Saunders, Rick Hardy, Gary Clark, Mark Earnhardt, and recently promoted Fred Patterson on backup vocals, To all our wives who paved the way to make all this possible, we will never be able to repay you.

Keep on being Vikings. Live the dream, And we will keep on rocking for as long as God allows. How can we not?

Dave Wilson

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