August 23, 2017 meeting

Minutes of Meeting

Classes of 1958

60th Year Reunion

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Present:  Ron Price, , Ed Jackson, Jo Ann (Mitchell) Wedley, Sheila (Brown) Ward, Marg (Dance) Chalmers, Bill Wedley.

  1. Review of Survey Results

22 people replied to the website survey.18 (82%) supported a combined cruise/luncheon. 4 preferred a cocktail reception followed by a dinner and dance or a cocktail reception followed by a brunch.

15 (68%) stated that the event should be one day.The committee noted that 3 of 6 people who preferred 2 days were from out of town.

Several classmates sent special notes.The committee considered all of them and paid special attention to one that suggested Vancouver Island and Sunshine Coast residents would not like a cruise event when they had boat trips before and after the reunion.While this is a particular concern, the committee noted that 4 of 5 respondents from Vancouver Island expressed a preference for the cruise and luncheon.

2. Selection of events

The committee decided upon a luncheon cruise for Saturday, May 12, 2018 because that seems to appeal to most people.  The committee also discussed a second day event for and decided upon a brunch for Sunday, May 13, 2018.  The reasons for the second day are as follows:

  • As one note expressed it “those who prefer terra firma” can attend the brunch
  • A next-day brunch can act as a wrap-up event.
  • Out of towners come a long way.They would prefer more time than a single event to reunite with old classmates.
  • As has been done in the past few years, brunch invitations can be extended to members of the preceding and following classes.

3. Cruise Pre-planning

The committee reviewed some promotional material for an Indian Arm Luncheon Boat Cruise taken by SFU retirees.That material indicated boarding at 10:30 a.m. for a 11a.m. departure and a return at 3 p.m.The buffet menu had good selection and vegetarian options were available by request. Current price per person including tax and gratuity is $79.50, although the committee noted that SFU got a 20% reduction to $63.50 if the number exceeded 40.

4. Responsibility for Events

Cruise packages (including the one mentioned above) will be investigated.Don Homer has agreed to investigate cruise options. Bill Wedley will arrange for a brunch at the Seymour Holiday Inn and Suites where we have held past brunches. Weather permitting, piper David Wilson has agreed to greet us at the gangplank.

5. Methods to reduce missing classmate list.

13 of the survey respondents volunteered to help reduce the list of missing classmates (Delbrook and NVHS lists are on the website).The committee discussed how this task could be distributed.Bill Wedley will prepare instructions and individualized assignment lists.The list assigned to each volunteer will be designed in a manner that facilitates contact.

6. Report on Website

The website continues to perform valuable function such as the event survey reported above. Many people peruse the site and a few are very active. During 2 weeks in August, 65 different classmates signed onto the website.

7. Publicity

The Bright Lights section of North Shore News will be used for publicity.  Possible topics are the cruise and the 25 Sullivan bursary recipients the Classes of ’58 have supported since 1990. Ed Jackson will manage publicity.

8. Gifts and Door Prizes

The possibility of a silent auction on the website will be investigated.  A 50-50 draw can be administered on the cruise.  Door prizes can be arranged for the lunch.  Any profits from draws or auctions will be contributed to the Classes of ’58 Bursary in Honour of Barry Sullivan.

9. Next Meeting

7 pm, Wednesday, October 25, 2017