February 7, 2018 meeting

Minutes of Meeting

Classes of 1958,

60th Year Reunion

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Present: Ed Jackson, Jo Ann (Mitchell) Wedley, Don Homer, Marg (Dance) Chalmers, Bill Wedley. Ellis Breiddal

1. Review of Minutes

The committee reviewed the minutes of the previous meeting. There were no errors, omissions or alterations.

2. Report on Sullivan Bursary

  1. Bill Wedley reported that he had talked to Lianne (Sullivan) McBride about the plans of the Barry Sullivan QC Memorial Society regarding their plans to roll their bursary fund into our bursary administered by the North Vancouver High School Education Foundation. She reported that they are receptive to the idea, but that they had voted to carry on with their own administration for another year.
  2. Bill reported that if and when their Society decided to merge, the Classes of ’58 would like to acknowledge the transition with their presence at one of our annual brunches.

3.  Report on Venues

  1. Don Homer gave an update on our reservation with the Seymour Golf & Country Club for Saturday, May 12, 2018. A $500 deposit and credit card on file is required. Full payment is due 72 hours before the event. This means that prepayment will be required of registrants. In order to give the committee flexibility, the committee established April 15 as the due date for registration.
  2. The Saturday reception will start at 4 pm. Appetizers will be served by Seymour staff and the main buffet will be opened 5:30 -6:00pm. Throughout all events, there will be a no-host bar. As well, Richard Stepp (extensive and illustrious rock and country career since 1950’s: http://richardstepp.com/) will be playing background music of our era.  We have the venue until 11pm. The party will end when the last person leaves.
  3. Bill Wedley reported that he had reserved the Holiday Inn for Sunday Brunch (10 am – 1pm) on May 13, 2018. The committee decided to stay with the same brunch menu of previous years, because it has been popular and successful.

4.  Budgets and Pricing

The committee reviewed budgets for both events and decided on a $70 fee for the Saturday reception and $35 for the Sunday brunch. Both these prices, slightly above variable cost, are meant to provide a small margin for contingencies. Any remaining surplus is contributed to the Barry Sullivan bursary in honour of all deceased members of our class.

5. Emcees and Reunion Activities.

The committee noted that the reunion is a hospitable event.  They noted that they would have to be instrumental to keep people interconnected and nobody left out.  If possible, Dave Wilson will bring his bagpipes to pipe in dignitaries.  The committee expressed a desire to have a Delbrook grad involved in emcee activities. Further investigation of this possibility will be carried out for the next meeting.

6. Accommodation for out of towners.

  1. An email was received from Colin Neal, asking whether a group rate had been negotiated for rooms at Holiday Inn.  Holiday Inn was contacted and their response was that any classmate can get 10% off the available price at time of booking. Don Homer will check to see if even better rate is possible.
  2. At past reunions, local classmates have hosted those from out of town.Alternatively, out of towners may wish to share a hotel reservation. The committee can act as coordinators for such arrangements.

7. Reducing the lost list

  1. 118 classmates are on the lost list (email error or no address).  44 are Delbrook grads and 74 are form NVHS. From the survey last fall, 13 people offered to help reduce the list.
  2. Ellis Breiddal (Delbrook) and Marg (Dance) Chalmers (NVHS) agreed to coordinate two groups to reduce the lost lists of each school.

8. Publicity

Ed Jackson has contacts for publicity of our events.  He will attempt to arrange an announcement in North Shore News 3 weeks in advance of our event.  As well, he will enquire about a social media reporter being at the Saturuday reception.

9. Gifts and Door Prizes

Ellis Breiddal will organize the silent auctions of various prizes donated by classmates.  The committee is planning a continuous slide show of historic pictures from Sutherland, Dellbrook and NVHS events.

10. Next Meeting

1 pm, Wednesday, March 7, 2018