January 3, 2018 meeting

Minutes of Meeting

Classes of 1958,

60th Year Reunion

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Present: Ed Jackson, Jo Ann (Mitchell) Wedley, Don Homer, John Bartok, Sheila (Brown) Ward, Marg (Dance) Chalmers, Bill Wedley. Ellis Breiddal

1. Review of Minutes

  1. The committee reviewed the minutes of the previous meeting.
  2. As well, the committee reviewed results from the survey, including the latest comments from classmates.

2. Report on Sullivan Bursary

  1. Bill Wedley reported on communication he had with the administrator of the Barry Sullivan QC Memorial Society.The Society administers its own bursary in memory of Barry, but they are considering changing that in 2018.They were seeking information about our Sullivan Bursary Fund, with the possible intent to merge their funds with ours. Bill sent them a copy of our contribution form and put them in touch with Maureen (Murphy) Creelman (our contact with the North Vancouver High School Education Foundation).Our contribution form explains that although we give special recognition to Barry Sullivan (prominent Queens Council lawyer and former Chairman of a Royal Commission on Education), our bursary is maintained in memory of all past classmates.
  2. The communication indicated that the Sullivan children may have trouble giving up control of their father’s legacy. Accordingly, the committee suggested that if their bursary is rolled into the NVHS Education Foundation, the Sullivan children and Barry’s wife should be invited to one of our brunches where their contribution can be acknowledged.There, they can meet people who can tell stories about their father

3. Decisions on events

  1. The committee discussed various locations where the reunion events can take place (The Pier restaurant, The Pinnacle hotel, Seymour Golf & Country Club, Bravo Cucina restaurant, Grouse Mountain restaurant and Andreas restaurant).One location stood out as being the most feasible: Seymour Golf & Country Club, where previous reunions have been held.The committee decided to hold the main reunion event there in the afternoon and early evening of Saturday, May 12, 2018.
  2. The next day, Sunday, May 13, a wrap-up brunch will be held at Holiday Inn and Suites.The Holiday Inn is convenient accommodation for out-of-towners, since it is close to Seymour Golf & Country Club. As has occurred in past years, members of the 1957 and 1959 classes will be invited to the Sunday brunch.
  3. Prospective times and probable costs for each event are as follows:
    • Saturday main reunion reception:3-7pm, $65-69 per person.
    • Sunday brunch: 10 am – 1 pm, $30-$35 per person.

Final decisions on the times and costs will be made at the next meeting when a more definitive budget can be discussed.

4. Reducing the Lost List

To assure that as many members as possible are aware of the upcoming events, a major effort will be undertaken reduce the lost list. Bill Wedley will work with 13 survey respondents who volunteered to help find Delbrook and NVHS classmates categorized as “lost” in our database.

5. Report on Website

The website is funded for 3 years with 2 more years to go.  Some classmates use it extensively, while others check in less frequently.  The advantage of the website is that it is always there to facilitate contact amongst members, communication of information, and a historical archive.

6. Publicity

Ed Jackson will arrange publicity about one month before the date of our events.

7. Gifts and Door Prizes

Door prizes and a 50-50 draw will be arranged. It was suggested that our class has many talented people with art and other creative products that could be used for door prizes.  This possibility will be investigated.

8. Next Meeting

1 pm, Wednesday, February 7, 2018