March 7, 2018 meeting

Minutes of Meeting

Classes of 1958,

60th Year Reunion

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Present: Ed Jackson, Jo Ann (Mitchell) Wedley, Don Homer, Marg (Dance) Chalmers, Bill Wedley. Ellis Breiddal

1. Review of Minutes

The committee reviewed the minutes of the previous meeting. There were no errors, omissions or alterations.

2. Report on Registrations

  1. Including registrations made at the meeting, 21 people have registered for the Saturday reception and 19 for the Sunday brunch.Invitations to the Sunday brunch are to be sent out to the classes of 1957 and 1959.

3. Emcees and Reunion Activities

  1. The committee discussed various people who could emcee our events.Ed Jackson volunteered to contact them regarding their willingness to help us.
  2. For the Sunday brunch, it was suggested that a microphone could be passed around to each table.Class members could introduce themselves and use the mike to make a few comments if they so desire.
  3. In order to encourage mixing at the Saturday reception, it was suggested that each name tag be marked with a colour sticker.Then, during a specified half hour period, members will be requested to congregate and meet with classmates with the same colour button.
  4. Bill Wedley reported that Dave Wilson will be in attendance with his bagpipes.

4. Accommodations for out of towners

  1. Some class members have already arranged to host people from out of town. The committee will attempt to facilitate this.
  2. Holiday Inn has agreed to give a 10% discount off the available price at time of booking.Don Homer advised that Marirose Angeles, the Guest Services Manager, should be contacted to get this discount.

5. Reducing the lost list

Marg Chalmers and Ellis Breiddal reported that volunteers have found the addresses or phone numbers of some people on the lost list.That information was passed along to Bill Wedley who will update the database and inform the found classmates about the reunion.

6. Report on Website.

The website is actively used with periodic spikes in activity.  118 have joined and of those, 70 have accessed the site in 2018.

7. Publicity.

  1. Ed Jackson has arranged a March 23 meeting with Laura Anderson re information for an article. Some of our graduates will be featured.
  2. Catherine Barr of North Shore News will also be contacted.

8.  Gifts and Door Prizes

Ellis Breiddal demonstrated and discussed the materials he has prepared for the silent auctions. Diana Davidson has offered use of their summer cottage as a prize.Other donors will be contacted.

7. 7, 9. Next Meeting

1 pm, Wednesday, April 4, 2018