40th Year Reunion (1998)

The 40th Year Reunion (1998)

The 40th year reunion occurred over three days – October 9, 10 and 11, 1998.  On Friday night, approximately 148 classmates plus six teachers attended the Get Acquainted Reception at the Hollyburn Country Club in West Vancouver.  About 159 attended the Banquet and Dance at the same location the next night.  On the Sunday morning, about 60 attended a brunch at Cheers Restaurant. 

The organizing committee for the event included Ellis Breiddal, Bob Caldwell, Marg (Dance) Chalmers, Bill Elphinstone, Ed Jackson, Frank Hawrychuk, Don Homer, Patti (Kirstiuk) Howard, Gail (Michell) McFarland, Jay McPherson, Gus Mitchell, Sandra Reid, Doreen (Kosasky) Rozen, Jo Ann (Mitchell)Wedley, Bill Wedley, and Anne (White)Whyte

The following is a copy of the final letter that was sent to members.  It summarizes the ’98 weekend. The pictures.  The pictures capture many happy attendees.


The Reception

The Get Acquainted Reception started at 7:30 p.m.  The balloons in school colours framed the pictures, newspaper articles, and letters that were posted around the room.  Decorative flowers were on the tables and the bar was ready.  Stu Johnson's video of the 1988 reunion played in the middle of the displays, and 50's music from Ellis Breiddal's tapes set the atmosphere that was soon to be eclipsed.

Talk was continuous.  At first, many old friends did not recognize each other.  Much time was spent catching up on life events, learning about the exploits of children and reminiscing about friends who could not attend.  Even the sumptuous appetizers and the numerous door prizes did not deter the conversation.

Our emcee, Ed Jackson, introduced former teachers who came to celebrate with us.  These included Frank Holloway, Helen Wyllie, Hec Rossetti, Bill Parnell, Mayor Jack Loucks, and Bob Robinson.

Special classmates who came from out of province included: Gaye (McCranor) Robertson [Alberta], Roz (Keeling) Donald [California], Sheila (Brown) Ward [Michigan], Penny (Gostick) Verral [Minnesota], Cathy (Bottomley) and George German [Ontario], Dorothy-Ann (Gibb) and Bruce Wilkie [Ontario], Donna (Geddes) Mate [Ontario], Judy (Stewart) Leeson [Ontario], Bob Volkmann [Ontario], Colin Watson [Ontario], Avril (Jarvis) Higgins [Ontario], Nina (Genjack) Kurrle [Washington] and Rob Hohert [Wisconsin]

The Banquet

David Wilson brought the festivities to order with his bagpipes.  Don Homer, our eloquent and humorous emcee, entertained us with the exploits of rival athletic clubs and his rendition of “Porking” (nighttime painting classes). Reverend David McKay lead us in prayer and held a moment's silence for our deceased members and classmates not present.  The silence was poignantly broken by David Wilson's moving rendition of Amazing Grace.  After Reverend McKay said grace, tables rotated for the buffet line-up.  The food was wonderful and the laughs contagious.

After dinner, it was dancing, contests and prizes.  Most were capable of making the old moves.  Some, however, remained at the far end of the hall in the relative quiet of the corners.  Were these yesterday's wallflowers or today's weary and wounded? 

When we needed attention, we had our Lady Whistlers: Marg Dance and June Breiddal.  How can such loud noises come from such small packages?

Marg (Bartolovich) Johnson won $237 in the 50-50 draw.   Bill Riddall and his partner won the elimination dance (not being married helped).  Bill Page's wife, Pat, was the excited winner of Peter Macnair's book "Down from the Shimmering Sky" that illustrates and narrates the legends of Northcoast Indian masks.  Peter also had a few guest tickets to his Shimmering Sky exhibit at the Vancouver Art gallery.  They were eagerly snapped up the next morning at the Sunday Brunch.

The Brunch

Brunch at Cheers was a time of many laughs.  It can be described as “tales out of class”.  We learned

  • How Ken Bathgate drank from the school fountain (spewing water, "strategically", on Phil Vignal's pants).
  • How Mr. Waite got his nickname (little hearts on his underwear).How did Penny Mallett find out?
  • How Barry Hodgson and Rob Hohert made saki that they converted into a wine cooler (still no good, but it was alcohol).
  • Why Deep Cove kids got blamed for the Belcarra blast (they were blamed for everything).
  • How Ken Matheson used his boat to take Belcarra casualties (Patti Strachan, Dave Nairne, Barry Hodgson, Liz Miles, Pete Macnair, Marie Wakley) to Deep Cove (he did it stern forward!).
  • Why Sandi Reid teamed up with Rob Hohert to take Chemistry classes. (exciting and unpredictable, wasn't it Sandi!)
  • Recycled aluminum foil for telephone calls (Delbrook invention)
  • Diana Davidson stories.

Income and Expense Statement. 


Registration fees                                $    9,184.50

Fundraising Activities                      $       883.00

                      Total                                       $ 10, 067.50


Reception at Hollyburn                    $   1,385.06  (145 plus 6 teachers attending)

Banquet at Hollyburn                       $   4,240.41  (160 attending)

Brunch at Cheer's rest.                    $      655.20  (58 attending)

Music                                                  $      401.25

Decorations and Badges                   $      237.81

Postage, Paper & Photocopying      $      931,30

            Total                                       $    7,851.03

Net Income                                                                              $ 2,216.47

Contingency for remaining expenses:                                 $      300.00


Sullivan Memorial Bursary

The Barry Sullivan Memorial Bursary has received contributions ranging from $10 to $1000.  Generous donations have been given by Bill Elphinstone, Dorothy and Bruce Wilkie, Anne and Warren Whyte, Ray Maigrot, Donna (Geddes) Mate, Jay McPherson, Norma (Mann) Steiner, David Russell, Dot (Phillips) Deppiesse, and Elizabeth (Spouse) Lee.  In total the bursary fund has received $1,620 from these donors. 

Ed Jackson reports that if we get donations up to the $11,000 level, the fund will become self-perpetuating. As shown above, the committee has a surplus of approximately $2,000.  All these monies are being donated to the Sullivan bursary fund.  Thus the fund has about $3,500 of the $11,000 necessary. 

As an incentive to contribute, we have some video copies of the 1988 reunion that that were professionally prepared by Stu Johnson.  For those who donate $100 or more and request a copy, we will send Stu's video (while supplies last).

Special Thanks

Stuart (Video) Johnson, Capilano Nurseries, Hollyburn Country Club, B. A. Blacktop, David (Bagpipes) Wilson, Arbutus House Bed and Breakfast, Bob George, North Shore Parts and Industrial Supplies Ltd., B.C.T.V., Marg Dance, North Shore Tire, Peter Macnair, Caldwell Industries Company, Ltd., Bill Elphinstone, Tomahawk Barbeque, Bob Robinson, Gary Robertson Music, Doreen Rozen, North Shore News, Cheers Restaurant, Reverend David McKay, The Beauty Club, CKNW, and all others we may have forgotten.  We also thank the Organizing Committee and all classmates who attended.