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I finally figred out why the Web is turning photos you post sideways. It seems when the photo being posted is taller than it's width, the system thinks it is a Landscape photo, so turns it on it's side. So before uploading the photo be sure to crop it so that the height is lower than the width.  At least that's the only solution to get them upright that has worked for me. Hope this tip works for you.  Bill Hart                   ***********************************  6/17/2019 ***************

What a great 60th WRHS Reunion. Great program, great decorations, great venue, great food, great entertainment, and best of all GREAT RECONNECTION'S WITH OUR FELLOW CLASSMATES! But how do we keep the reconnections and the joy of swapping stories and updates going. THE WILL ROGERS - CLASS OF 1959 WEB SITE IS HOW !!! Therefore, by the power of the authority vested in me as web administrator I am declaring a National WRHS -1959 Web Site VISIT Day every Wednesday for the duration of the Earth. So Classmates, let's log on to the Web Site at least once every Wednesday and reconnect with  comments, emails, and use of  the Chat rooms available in the Web Site, both Public and Private.  Yes, we have Chat rooms (more on how to use them in  a later announcement).  I believe our highest number of classmates visits to the Web Site in one day is 103. We currently have 297 classmates who have joined the web site. Let's see if we can break the 103 record every Wednesday! Since creating the Web Site we have had over 13,000 member visits ( multi visits by same classmate on same day only counts as one visit.). Let's get to 20,000 visits by year end. Also, please update and add more details to your Profile page. All of us want to read about other classmates stories, achievements and to reconnect with our fellow classmates from one of the greatest High Schools in the USA.  If you need help with navigating the Web Site, posting photos, or what ever, don't get frustrated and give up, send me an email using the CONTACT US button on left column on Home Page and we will work through it together. Also, I am always looking for new ideas on how to make the Web Site more interesting and inviting for reconnecting with each other. Please send me your suggestions to improve the Site. Hope to see you on the WRHS WEB SITE ON WEDNESDAY. Thanks,  Bill     PS. Help me locate our Missing Classmates (see list). Send me an email address or phone number and I will contact them and help bring them into the Web Site. 



Great 60th Reunion classmates!

Construction of the Photo Album of the 60th Reunion is in progress and work todate is available for viewing by going to the Home Page and clicking on the 60th Reunion Photos button on left hand column.

Please attach any photos you have to an email and send to Bill Hart, email wrroper1959@gmail.com and I will load them into the 60th Reunion photo album page. Also, hope to get Class Photos and photos from Photo Desk soon and load also.   6/18/2019 Updated 



                    IN MEMORY ROSES

If you have not noticed, some of the IN MEMORY photos have a Rose attached, too many do not!

Any time we submit an update (comment, deceased date, Obituary, etc.) a Rose is attached to the name and photo. I am asking that all of us take the time to find at least one classmate on the IN MEMORY pages without a rose and post a comment for that person and turn on the Rose.

Quick way to find Deceased without a Rose.

Home Page go to Classmate Profiles. Names with 2 asterics are deceased. Those without a Rose have no comments as yet.

Click on the name, add your comments, remember to go to bottom of page and click Save Changes. Rose automatically gets added to the Photo and Classmate Profile list. Takes just a few moments and feels good to see the Rose you create. Thanks.  

Please help create a Rose Garden for all of our deceased Classmates.

********************** 6/17/2019 *******************************


Private Information Not Shown on the Web Site Profile Page

Per the security policy for the Web Site, all personal contact information (email address, phone numbers, and resident address, etc.)  for classmates is not visable on the Web Site except for the Root Administrator. All communication on the web site is by Names only. You will need to post a public comment to the classmate or send a private email using the "Send Private Message" command on the classmates Profile Page located in upper left corner under their Master Photo and request the classmate to provide you with their contact information.

As the Root Administrator, I will not provide any private information on classmates per the security policy of the Web Site.

Bill Hart  Root Administrator  6/17/2019  ************************** 



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•   Beth Shoemaker (Davis)  6/19
•   John Owen  6/18
•   Leta Harris (Young)  6/17
•   Sherry Turner (Glenn)  6/15
•   Larry Ferguson  6/15
•   Barbara Hudson (Mullins)  6/14
•   Sally Flora (French)  6/14
•   Pat P. J. Brown (Jett)  6/4
•   William Pitts  6/3
•   Dewey Hammons  6/3
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•   Darlene Happel (Pearce)  2019
•   Pat Trish Robertson (Kilby)  2019
•   Tommy Passmore 
•   Jim Roberts  2019
•   Dwain Gregory  2018
•   Joyce Wampler (McCool)  2018
•   Gerald Edwards  2018
•   Linda Finley (Noak)  2014
•   Jody Bucko (Kerr)  2017
•   Earl Criswell  2017
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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 46.7%

A:   298   Joined
B:   340   Not Joined


Know the email address of a missing Classmate? Click here to contact them!