In Memoriam

Phil Douglas Jones

Phil and I went to Elementary, Middle and High School together and we were always in the same homeroom because of our last names, we ended up working at the same place, although he had many years more than me, I retired under disability (2003) he retired (2007) after full employment under the State and Company's Law. I think that I should share with you that Phil is the person who asked me to start a meeting for our 20th year Reunion and that he would be an active member on the committee, well that did not happen, but he was always very supportive and in attendance except for the 40th due to a (niece) wedding that was planned that same weekend in Atlanta. I missed him and will miss him still, because Phil was a humble, kind and respectful friend to me, I can still remember how he would always come to my office and we would talk about many things for long periods as time permitted. I loved Phil, for always being himself when or wherever you greeted him. It would be very hard for me not to think of him as my life continues on. I will miss such a very dear friend and classmate. Cheers my Brother. Janice