In Memoriam


Eddie Wilson

Eddie and I went all the way back to Elementary School, so it was like we were brothers and sisters. It's funny because in our early years he always had a running nose, so when he became clean, he actually became a nice looking young man. We ran into each other every now and then and he was always the same , saying what's up girl and I would say, Hey Eddie, how are you doing, except the last time I saw him, he did tell me of some of his unfortunate circumstances and I did not know of his passing until Harvis Jenkins informed me on last evening. It never dawned on me why I had not seen Eddie, even though his name came to mind as I began planning and looking for classmates, I wondered where could he be or how could I find him, no need to look any more, because he now looks down on me and maybe some of you too. I do miss running into Eddie and I am sure he will be missed by all of you. Let's say good-bye to Eddie Wilson.

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