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Lejanice Wright

Lejanice Wright

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11/29/08 08:43 PM #1    

Gwendolyn Morris (Thompson)

Jan, I think about you often. I often think about the time you came to visit me here in Atlanta when there was no sign of your illness and you never let on what was going on with you. Even when you called me from the hospital on your next visit to let me know you were here and in the hospital. I guess you were trying to spare my feelings. I remember leaving your room that last day I visited you and commenting to my friend "she looks very sick". I called your hospital room the next day and they told me you had been dismissed. I didn't understand how they could dismiss you when you were so sick. I even questioned the hospital staff. But you were just trying to spare my feelings. When I got the call about your passing I was so angry with you. Even as I sit here and write this, I can't stop the tears from falling. I miss you and I will always remember you. You are constantly in my thoughts.

01/09/09 10:26 PM #2    

Sherrill Gilbert (Bryant)

Jan, just like Gwen, I think of you often and miss you. We shared the same birth month, January. I remember the times we talked about our likes and differences as birthday partners.
I also remember, the evening you called me from the hospital. You left a message for me to call you. However, you neglected to say, you were in the hospital. When I returned your call the same evening, you asked me to bring my daughter, Loren to see you. Of course, we did go to visit you. You asked me to let her sit on the bed with you, I did.
I am glad we had that time to visit. You are missed by many.


01/20/09 12:34 PM #3    

Nancy Smith (Jenkins)

I remember when I came to the hospital to see you, I had no idea you were that sick. I had no idea that would be my last time seeing you. When I heard of your passing, I was so hurted. It was so unexpected. It took me a while to accept that. I didn't just meet you in jr. high or high school. We met years ago, living on Van Buren St. I know your whole family. We use to play together as kids. I still think of you often. I still miss you. But I knew that God had the last say so. REST IN PEACE!


03/15/09 05:54 PM #4    

Janice Johnson (Shider)

Lejanice and I was not good friends but we always acknowledge one another and talked occassionally, you see, we were liked by the same Senior, ofcourse I won but I also was the one that became pregnant too, I always felt she was the lucky one because she didn't fall for the love thang at our young age, even though in the end we became closer and I admired her because she was one of the first to land a good paying factory job and well she did until her passing. Whenever I see her sister (Pongie) she brings the memories back strong. Continue your rest, dear Classmate. Cheers for you, Janice.

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