In Memoriam

Linda Ousley-Crawford

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09/30/09 09:24 PM #1    

M. Gale Snelling (Topping)

Linda had to sit out and graduated with the class behind us. While she did not graduate with our class, she spent a lot of her high school years with us so I am thrilled to see her name added to our class roster. Linda was a great friend (one of my best) actively in 10th and 11th grades and silently in later years. She was in the band and I was a cheerleader. On many road trips her parents would take me home because my mom worked in the afternoon. We would also walk to each other house to study or just hang out on many occasions. It was at Linda’s house that I first learned how to make pineapple upside down cake as we helped her mom prepare dinner. Linda was sweet, quiet, nice, and a truly great person who did not deserve to die in the manner she did. Her heart was really one of service and the entire time I knew her, she never said one cross word about anyone. I never saw her angry, mad or upset. When she became pregnant it was the worst for both of us. She got caught on her first experience we would tease. Because we would no longer share the same classes and have much time together we kept up with each other in other ways. It was particularly hard because of society belief that young mothers should be apart from others. While Linda and I fought against this stupid belief, both our parents made it difficult. Linda was afraid she would have to work after she graduated because she would not be able to get the funding from home, and take care of a child also. I encouraged her not to give up the dream of going to college and helped her with information about ASU and BEOG back in the day. She attended and graduated and then began to work at Southern Bell (Bell South/ATT). Linda was a bridesmate in my wedding. For years we stayed in touch. However, after I moved from Albany, we lost touch except periodic visits. I was devastated to hear of her death and the events surrounding it.

It was an honor to light a candle for Linda at our 40th class reunion.

12/09/12 08:33 PM #2    

Janice Johnson (Shider)

Linda wore the braids so well that you would always admire her for that look, can not remember if she wore them in school. She lived behind me when she were killed, it was unbelievable to see  a classmate misfortune at your back door. She would take walks around the neighborhood, speak or wave , that she woud always do.  I can say she was kind  as I knew her.  Cheers, Janice

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