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Welcome to the
Alyeska Pipeline People Webpage!

A gathering spot for Alyeska Pipeline People, past or present, contract or direct. If you worked for Alyeska and were issued a badge, or you were part of construction or startup - CLICK HERE TO JOIN.  Include some info about your work at Alyeska, like when, where, etc.  If you weren't issued an Alyeska badge but still wish to join, use "Contact Us" to send me a note. We can chat.   Larry Motschenbacher 

Latest new members:  Ronald Hayhurst, Betsy Haines, and James (Joe) Howell.  Check below for more extended list.

 We have received word that
Lloyd Wayne Taggart
passed away on May 20, 2021

 We have received word that
A.J. Berry 
passed away on April 29, 2021

 We have received word that
David Mittlestadt 
passed away on April 7, 2021

 We have received word that
Tom Monnie 
passed away on May 14, 2021


How to edit your info:

Click the silhouette image in the upper right corner.
Use "Edit Contact Info" to update your name, address, email, phone, etc.
Use "Edit Contact Info" to update spouse, occupation, etc.
And you can change your password

Questions? Password?  Use Contact Us to drop me a line

Note: This website is not affiliated with
Alyeska Pipeline Service Company

Military Veterans & In Memory  comments are viewable by family, friends and others who visit the website.  Message Forum & Pipeline Profile pages are viewable only by AlyeskaPipelinePeople.com members.  

CONTENT CONTRIBUTORS - Please extend a special thanks to the many who contribute to the website. There is much that would be lost without their notes, updates and contributions.  Recent contributors include: Morris Cunningham, Beth Latimer Gordy Richmond, Andy Postishek, Barbara Harmon, Greg Kinney, Morris Cunningham, Steve Schudel, Wes Tonkins, Andy Postishek, John Ferrell, Larry Wall, Tonya Stokes, Mel Jessee, Holly Schoenborn, Bill Howitt, Jim F. Johnson, Patti Altom, Larry Shelton, Gaye Hunt, David Norton, Greg Kinney, Dave Norton, Gaye Hunt, Patti Altom, Wes Tonkins, Dave Norton, Patti Altom, Gaye Hunt, Carol Mindlin, Barbara De Mattia, Dave Norton, and Dena Thomans 

Members who recently joined:

  • Ronald Hayhurst 6/14
  • Betsy Haines 5/2
  • James (Joe) Howell 4/15
  • Krista Hutchenson 4/11
  • Larry Katkin 4/8
  • Frank Reardon 2/14
  • Bill Mumby 2/10
  • Dana Degraffenreid 1/21
  • Paul Holley 1/21
  • Edward Larson 1/8
  • Paul Holley 1/20
  • Richard Ranger 1/5
  • Jim Johnson 12/12
  • Scott Hicks 12/2
  • Christopher Bias 12/2
  • Vicki Sterling 11/18
  • Larry Wood 10/8

1/2/2014 - My thanks to Joe Rioran for suggesting the name for this website and Ben Holeman for encouraging it!


•   Ronald Hayhurst  6/14
•   Michael McGehee  6/13
•   Karen Nealon  6/1
•   Betsy Haines  5/2
•   James (Joe) Howell  4/15
•   Randy Redmond  4/13
•   Krista Hutchinson  4/11
•   Larry Katkin  4/8
•   Richard Coyle  4/1
•   Mark Dahl  2/17
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•   L. Wayne Taggart  2021
•   James Patrick Wellington  2021
•   A. J. (Almos) Berry  2021
•   David Mittlestadt  2021
•   Thomas "Tom" Byron Monnie  2021
•   Jim Kingrea  2020
•   Ellis W Mercer  2004
•   Ronald Garrett  2020
•   William J. Frichtl  2021
•   Roy Tansy Sr  2021
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