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•   Kimberly A Dorio (Awada)  4/21
•   Stuart Gay (Comstock-Gay)  2/15
•   Aaron Bernard Neely  2/14
•   Dave Hartman  9/23
•   Harold F Mayhew  8/19
•   Bradley L Summers  7/13
•   Elizabeth Bender (Benton)  7/3
•   David Cook  6/1
•   Denise Grivna (Savisky)  2/4
•   Kevin E Butler  1/29
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•   Frank J Moses  9/29
•   Denise Glawe (East)  9/30
•   Dale Walter  10/1
•   Dave Oswald  10/3
•   Cynthia C Reinert (Wallhausser)  10/3
•   Linda McAllister (Sweet)  10/4
•   Kenneth Schneider  10/4
•   Gloria A Felice (Parrott)  10/6
•   Eleanor Retzler (Ryan)  10/6
•   Cathy Calaway (Hartgraves)  10/7
•   Becky L Manning (Schmitt)  10/8
•   Laura A Schwin  10/9
•   Thomas M Stredney  10/13
•   Mark Marzec  10/15
•   Edward A Minut  10/15
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1 lives in Alabama
5 live in Arizona
16 live in California
5 live in Colorado
1 lives in Connecticut
1 lives in Delaware
1 lives in District Of Columbia
24 live in Florida
10 live in Georgia
7 live in Illinois
4 live in Indiana
3 live in Kentucky
1 lives in Maine
1 lives in Maryland
3 live in Massachusetts
4 live in Michigan
3 live in Missouri
1 lives in Montana
1 lives in Nevada
1 lives in New Mexico
7 live in New York
7 live in North Carolina
349 live in Ohio
1 lives in Oklahoma
2 live in Oregon
5 live in Pennsylvania
7 live in South Carolina
2 live in Tennessee
8 live in Texas
1 lives in Utah
2 live in Virginia
1 lives in Wisconsin
1 lives in Ecuador
1 lives in Mexico
83 location unknown
49 are deceased


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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 46.1%

A:   274   Joined
B:   320   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)

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For those who attended and enjoyed our 2010 Reunion,
The Reunion Committee deserves a HUGE THANK YOU
for giving their time & talents so generously in order to
make our REUNION such a success!

Due to the time and efforts given and thanks to all those who participated in our fundraising, we were able to offset the cost of our event by $20+ (and include an open bar!) as well as keep our 1978 web site active for at least 3 more years.

Here are some snapshots of the
wheelchair-access picnic table The BHS Class of 1978
also donated to Coe Lake:




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Adams, Janine M
Adams (Zarefoss), Lori
Aglinsky (Schaffer), Susanne
Almashie, Darlene C
Anderson, Robert H
Armstrong, George A
Aude, Ernest E
Ballmer, Jeffrey A
Ballmer (Zuchelli), Sherry L
Barbour (Pacek), Susan
Barilla, Mark
Barth, Michael A
Bassett, Christopher L
Bellmer, Sherry
Bialkowski, Karen
Biernacki, Amy L
Biggs, Scott N
Blahovec (Iosue), Sue L
Blevins, Tim
Bobinsky, Eric A
Bodnar, Alan
Bogar (Reynolds), Linda
Bost, Brian S
Boydston, Randy L
Brasty, Susan
Brill, Daniel A
Brunnet (Wiemken), Kathleen
Brunst, Deborah L
Bryer, Mildred M
Buchanan, Thomas A
Buckwald, Sue A
Bukovac, Keith S
Bunosky (Orr), Marybeth
Burton, Linda A
Butcher (Hurst), Dreama L
Byrne, David E
Cabell, Linda G
Calain (Hopper), Sharon L
Capek, Curtis J
Casedonte, Michelle
Cecelich (Hovanec), Linda
Cherney, Anna M
Chokan, Terry L
Cogley (Ashforth), Denise
Condrich (Vild), Victoria
Coreno, Richard D
Cuthrell, Harald
d'Aversa, Michael P
Deangelis, Raymond J
Dehn, Joanna
Dettman, Sarah J
Dietrick, Michael Melitus
Difiglia, Joyce A
Doolon, Michelle R
Doran, Ralph
Dorsch, Richard A
Drapcho, John
Du Perow, Kimberly A
Dugan, Kevin F J
Eisner, Pamela J
Englert, Terence
English, James P
Erdman, Linda M
Eskey, Terry I
Eubanks, Steven P
Evans (Turk), Doreen
Everiss (Klenner), Jennifer
Evitts, Sandra J
Exoo, John D
Felgar, Steven B
Felgar, Thomas M
Ferman, Theresa L
Foreman (Gerecke), Cheri
Forland, Lee C
Fowler (Phillips), Patricia
Garnett, Catherine A
Geary (Parobek), Sandra Kaye
Geiss, Ralph S
George, Eric S
Gleason, Rosemary
Glozer (Melendez), Beth
Gold, James [rusty]
Goodwin (Moyer), Nancy
Gory (Emling), Sharon
Grant, Paul
Graves (Lebarron), Edith H
Groves (Higgins), Margaret
Hagan, Roger W
Hall, Bob W
Halle, Paul M
Hamby, Karen
Hamby, Sharon L
Hansen, Robert J
Hansen, Susan C
Haren, Patricia
Hemminger (Turner), Irene
Hinkle, Jean M
Hoeffler (Benham), Barbara
Hollo, C Michael
Homsey, Joe
Horner, Jeneane M
Hotchkiss, Jill Y
Hruska, David M
Hudson, Diane
Ignasiak (Carias), Lenore
Imhoff (Rusnak), Deborah J M
Immormino (Gordon), Theresa M
Irey (Brown), Brenda
Jackson, Jan M
Johnson, George
Johnson, Susan L
Johnson, Wesley T
Johnson, William R
Juderjahn, Richard D
Juergens, Douglas P
Julius, Thomas
Kalin (Pink), Mary Jo
Kalivoda, Richard
Karolczyk, Ken P
Katakos, James E
Kay, Jeffrey
Kinas (Osiecki), Doreen V
King, Joe
Kish (Kraus), Rena
Kleem, Elizabeth A
Kleem, Helena M
Klonk (Novak), Diana L
Knebusch (Moyer), Lisa
Knoll, Douglas R
Knopp (Blood), Heidi
Koenig (Burke), Suzanne C
Koglman, David J
Kolin, Douglas S
Konopka (Brother Of Rich Sloan), Vicki
Koslasky, Kimberly
Kraus, James
Krist, Keith D
Kulow, Kelly
Kunzen, Gail E
Kusmer, Randal P
La Rosa (Pierson), Mary
Lagruth, Joseph L
Lang, Robert J
Larsen (Allen), Brenda S
Laubert, Gregory A
Lauria, Thomas E
Lawrence, Dale B
Lazarowicz, Karen
Lee, Daryl
Lehtinen, Jeff
Leonhardt (Leonard), Debbie A
Leonhardt (Polefko), Diane
Lesko, Donald J
Leuschel (Anelli), Mary L
Long, Richard A
Lundberg, Ann M
Lykens, R Everett
Macioci, Michael M
Mahoney (Davis), Michelle
Majcher (Vogt), Jean C
Mallarnee, David T
Mandanici, Dean J
Mann, Rebecca S
Mansell, Thomas L
Manthey, Eric H
Mantifel, James C
Marit, Cecile P A
Marshall, Anne M
Martin, Charles R
Martin, James P
Martino, Douglas M
Mason, Melanie
Mausser, Herman A
Mayville (Keider), Laurette Y
McCauley, Margaret A
McGivern, William
McNamara, Lauren
McNeeley, James H
Mediate, Deborah A
Mehozonek (Noar), Laora
Miller, Cheryl
Miller, Donald J
Miller, Lawrence
Miller, Ronald R
Mimura, Laura
Mollison, Jeff C
Monchak (Nowak), Helen
Mondak, Bill
Moore, Gwendolyn
Moore, Kevin P
Mountcastle, Douglas W
Murphy, Kevin P
Murphy, William M
Myers, Naomi R
Nachtigall (Goodrich), Carol Ann
Naso, Sam W
Nelson, Nels H
Nemes, Peter S
Neubeck (Willingham), Donna
Oldenburg, John R
Papell, Daniel J
Pappas, Elaine M
Park (McCauley), Donna
Parker, Daniel W
Pavlina, Joseph
Pease (Minnich), Charlene M
Peterson, James E
Petrello, Anthony J
Petri, Steve
Petrie, Rick P
Petrolini, Michael L
Phillipp, Norbert G
Phillips, Everett
Pniewski (Walsh), Deborah
Porch, Louis E
Prahst, Jeffrey
Premo, Jo Anne A
Preston, Robyn
Price, Thomas J [tom]
Procasky (Vest), Marilyn J [jean]
Proctor, Margaret
Pucci, Joe
Queen, Lela
Randazzo, Karen M
Reiss, Jo Ann
Rennick (Parr), Lou Ann
Rinicella, John
Ritter (Hashier), Beth A
Ritter (Newark), Mary B
Rocco, Samuel
Roman, Ricardo
Romoga (Kren), Kathleen
Root (Uhr), Ariane C
Rosser, John E
Rounds, Cynthia M
Russell, Gregory S
Sarris (Whitehorn), Eve
Savino (Dobbs), Mary K
Savisky, Denise
Sayler, James
Schaefer, James C.
Schafer (Kall), Cynthia
Schaft, Glenn E
Schauble (Amata), Julie
Scheuring, Scott W
Schicker, Paula J
Schmidt, Christopher O
Schmidt, Duane N
Schmitt, Kevin L
Schmitt (Adkins), Valerie
Schuld, Michelle
Senyak, Ronald M
Senyk, Valerie A
Sforzo, Thomas J
Shaffer, Mark
Shafts (Degroff), Carrie
Shalkhauser, Kurt A
Sharpe, Terri M
Shaver, David Wayne
Shepard, Jeff
Sherman, David M
Shinn, Karen D
Sidoti (Davis), Christie
Skutt, Nancy J
Sladick, Margo V
Slimak, Mariana
Smith, Calvin A
Smith (Rossborough), Cindy M
Smith, Philip H
Smolak (Miranda), Carol
Smolik, John W
Sopko, Dennis J
Spielberger (Tester), Carolyn A
Spisak, Sandra A
Stajcar, Mark
Staley, David
Stantial, Sam
Stockdale, Douglas P
Streza, Carmen M
Stropko (Keys), Linda M
Studzenski, Jerry
Suerth (Smith), Dawn
Sutherland, Cheryl L
Taylor, Joe
Thunberg, Linda M
Tinsley, Mark
Tischler, Kim A
Tropkoff, David
Turner, G Thomas
Turocy, Kim
Turski, Brian T
Uthe, James A
Vaccariello (Walsh), Maureen
Vasas (Strickler), Vicki
Vogt, T J
Vohar, Jerry
Volkmer, Debra L [debbie]
Wade, Jill M
Walsh, Joseph M
Wardzala, James B
Ware (Keegan), Donna M
Wayland (Ingle), Patricia
Webb (Tieri), Karen M
Weddle, Jeffrey B
Weintraut, Dean P
Wenneman, Joseph A
Williams, Brian E
Williams (Wendzicki), Renee L
Wilson, Carole A
Wilt, Penne S
Witt, Penne S
Wojcik, Jeffrey F
Woods, Cheryl A
Wright, Ricky L
Yaniga, Matthew A
Yex, John C
Young (Dempsey), Roberta L
Yuhasz, Jeffrey S
Zarzeczny, Steven
Zavesky, Gary J
Zond, Russell P
Zuk, Stephen J










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