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02/12/15 10:09 PM #1    

Marsha Jo Torreano

This is Teresa, Marsha's daughter.    I haven't done a Facebook update in a couple weeks since being home, work got busy, etc.     Mom was actually released to rehab around January 23rd and was there for approximately a week if I recall correctly.   I left Colorado on January 18th and my brother arrived Monday evening and stayed for 5 days.    She left rehab towards the end of January and has been back at her apartment since then.    

Initially, I believed she would want to stay there, but the more we discussed things, we landed on Cincinnati, obvious reasons being that we are from there, she knows the area, friends there, etc.    Upon further discussion, she decided that she would like to be in Lexington closer to where we are.    I have been searching for various apartments, rentals, primary care physicians, etc during my free time.  

Her progress is very good right now.   To talk to her, you'd most likely be unaware that she had two brain operations just a month ago.     She's doing as well as she can right now, lots of changes to come & it's all slightly overwhelming for her at this time, she's been in Colorado for quite a few years.   Being closer to 'home' though will most likely help once things fall back into place.    Some friends/neighbors have helped pack & brother Mike & his wife Anne have been helping her also.   Sue Walters came out and stayed with her for a week after she was released from rehab, I know that was a big highlight for her smiley 

I am heading back to Colorado next Thursday and will help with finishing touches on packing things up, picking up a U-Haul trailer and getting it all into place.    My goal is to be back on the road on January 25th, but the 26th will work too, trying to give us time for the long boring trek across I-70 in Kansas cheeky

She said she'd tell me how to log in here, but I took a guess at her password & got it; I'll update again next week hopefully.   In the meantime, Bob Jacobs is able to see any updates via my FB page & share them also.  

Thank you for all the concerns & prayers!!

Teresa Jo

02/13/15 12:41 PM #2    

Danny Butz


Dan and I both wish you a speedy recovery and happiness in your new home close to family.




02/14/15 02:34 PM #3    

Susan (Sue) Hobson (Hoerner)

Hi Marsha, 

So happy you are making such great progress.

Lexington is a lovely town to call home.  



02/14/15 10:02 PM #4    

Leslie Ann Brown (Mondul)

Marsha, So glad to hear you are improving so well and feeling better.  I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  Leslie Brown Mondul

02/14/15 10:29 PM #5    

Judith Ach (Miniea)

Marsha, so glad to hear you are progressing well in your recovery!!!  Keep it up and enjoy the next step in your life knowing that you are in our prayers and sending love;-))


08/08/15 10:20 AM #6    


Gil Schulze

Marsha, I am so glad to hear of your progress and that you are returning to your "roots". I pray that this will give you the strength and inspiration to continue to get back to yourself with that ever present great smile! When I think of you and it being summer, of the time we once dated when you broke your leg and we couldn't go swimiing. You healed from that and will do once again.                      Gil

09/16/16 05:51 PM #7    

Mickey Rose

In regards to having a 55th reunion I would love to see it happen. In my opinion it should be a two day event like we did for the 50th. The ones like myself coming in from out of town makes it worth the trip. As far as where to have it and how to dress I'll leave that up to whomever coordinates the events. I hope there will be classmates in Cincinnati that will agree to put it together.   Regards.  Mickey Rose

09/16/16 06:04 PM #8    

Barbara Binkley (Bushman)

I think we can do something on a small, one event scale.   Think we should concentrate on our local folks but obviously let others know.      I don't think any of us are up for a weekend long event......just need to keep it simple.     

09/17/16 04:18 AM #9    


Miriam Translateur (Omer)

As you know, I'm all for meeting & getting together.  Whenever we do, it's always so much fun.  I miss you & miss Cincinnati.  I agree with Mickey that it should be 2 days but very informal for both. One day could be a brunch, the other a dinner but nothing fancy.  So sorry I'm not closer because I'd love to help & I understand why you guys are "tired."   It could also be in the spring & not in October.  (Just a suggestion)  The Jewish Holidays next year are from Sept. 20 to Oct. 12.  I'm assuming that most of us are retired so it could also be during the week when places would be less expensive.  I read good reviews about The Art of Entertainment & Vine & Dine.  Or what about a meeting room in the Art Museum, Union Terminal, National Underground Freedom Center, the Fire Museium with catering & we could explore together in smaller groups.  Lunch at Krohn Conservatory or Playhouse in the Park...& the list goes on & on:  As you can see, the internet is no hindrance, so I can help in that respect.

09/17/16 11:46 AM #10    

Judith Ach (Miniea)

All sound wonderful Miriam;-))). 


09/17/16 12:01 PM #11    

Arleen Tessel (Webman)

In regards to the 55th reunion, I would love to see something happen.  I wish I could be there to help plan it, but living in Texas makes it difficult; however, if I am open to help with whatever the planning committee needs that I could do from Texas.    I would also love a two-day event -- casual.   

09/17/16 12:48 PM #12    


Marsha Goldsmith (Zahler)

Although I live in New York, I will be happy to do what I can to help plan our 55th reunion. I think a one day event is a good idea, in order to keep it simple. I like the idea of having the event at Montgomery Inn, in Montgomery. They have party rooms that will accommodate us, plus the food is very good. Everyone loves their barbecue.

Marsha Goldsmith Zahler

09/19/16 10:04 AM #13    

Carol Jo Meier

I want to have a 55th Reunion and I am willing to do some work.  I don't care where it is, when it is or how much it costs.  I would like to see it casual.  I'd like more than one event.

This past weekend was the Class of '61's 55th Reunion which I crashed.  I thought it was a very pleasant experience, all held at Embassy Suites.  Hazel, Karen and Phyllis were there too so I hope they provide their own comments.

The Embasy has been completely redone and is very condusive to a group such as ours.  Friday night 5 - ?? was a reception on the "mezanine"  where you could avasil yourself of the Embassy Happy Hour and appetizers.  And then you could continue on to dinner on your own.  Many folks stayed to east togetheer right there.  Sat. lunch, a big group met at Quatman's.  Sat. was a reception on the mezanine and a seated dinner in a reserved room.  Sun. was breakfast/brunch on your own. 

Hazel said they had 103 for Sat. dinner but I would check with the Pearces about that number..

We could also go to Montgomery Inn or back to Mangiano's if we get a larger room.

09/19/16 12:54 PM #14    


Philip S. Wise

The idea of a 55th class reunion, no matter how large or small, sounds great.  I always need a reason to return to Cincinnati and our class reunions are always the best reasons to visit.  Living in Southern California makes ti somewhat difficult for me to participate in the planning but please let me know if there is anything I can do.

My travel plans for 2017 are already getting somewhat booked as I have a family event in mid Sept. in San Diego that I cannot miss.  Maybe we can do something next November.

Hope to see you all sometime next year.

Phil Wise

09/19/16 11:15 PM #15    

Terry Adams

Affirmatively I'll echo Carol Meier (who I had a crush on in 8th grade), but like Phil Wise I need to travel from California (North).  

I prefer earlier, Late August or September,  so the weather is warm enough for me to rent a Harley to travel with my friends as I did for our 50th.

I VASTLY prefer INformal, but please include dancing - a DJ instead of a band - keep it simple.  Sorry I can' help organize.  Thanks for your efforts Bob!

Terry Adams


09/19/16 11:25 PM #16    

Terry Adams

Just for your count - I would come alone and stay with a local friend - I would not stay in the venue/motel.  Thanks Bob!

09/20/16 10:24 AM #17    

Karen Schloss (Bunkowski (Class Of 1963))

To Carol Meier....  Does that mean someone from '63 can crash yours?   

I don't know why at this age we don't just combine some years!!


09/20/16 01:08 PM #18    

Marilyn Reinschmidt (Hill)

I would love to see 55th reunion as this would be the first one that I'm not working and I haven't been back in years and would love to see everyone again.  I would be willing to help if I can do it long distance as I live in CT.  I'm not too familiar with places anymore so you local people will have to decide that!  Let me know if there is anything I can do to help in the planning.  Thank you for all your hard work.

09/20/16 06:02 PM #19    

Susan Walters (Kopen)

I would like to have a 55th. I don't get back often, and it's always so nice to renew acquaintences.  It doesn't matter so much what type, but since we'd be making the trip from Maryland, it would be nice to have two events.I'm out of the loop, so it's hard to suggest locations.  Marsha Torreano feels the same as I do.

Sue Walters Kopen

09/21/16 07:14 AM #20    

Bob Jacobs

Actually Carol did not have to crash the Class of 61's reunion as they invited all classes to their reunion,  although not many from our class attended. Would anticipate that we would invite all classes to ours. 

09/21/16 05:06 PM #21    

Sharon Hambaugh (Wolf)

I would like to suggest three years before and three years after our graduation year be invited.  This may allow siblings to meet up if they live in different states.  I have friends in years 63 and 61.   It would be a bigger group, therefore a bigger venue needed, but we can always make new friends at any age. Sharon Hambaugh Wolf Texas 

10/04/16 11:43 AM #22    

Thomas M. Wolf

I would be delighted to attend a 55th class reunion since I thoroughly enjoyed the previous ones I attended. I also want to thank all those classmates who organized the earlier reunions. The reunion is a great opportunity to catch up with everyone. I would prefer an  informal gathering, multiday event, and would leave it to the planning committe to decide on a good location (s). Since I live in Durham, I would make it a priority to attend with my partner if a convenient time is selected. Best wishes from Durham, Tom Wolf

02/04/19 10:33 AM #23    

Bob Jacobs

From:  Beth Kotzin

Hi, my dad is Hirsch Wise, class of 1962. In his senior year he and Marlene Schwartz were king and queen of the Mardi Gras and I am trying to find a picture of them from the event. In an interesting twist, Hirsch’s Grandson and Marlene’s granddaughter are dating and were King and Queen of the prom at sycamore HS 2018. Do you know if any such picture exists? I would love a copy!

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