Dear Fellow Classmates,

Today, we the class of 1967, celebrate the anniversary of our graduation from

CA Johnson High School.  It has be 45 years since we walked the halls of our beloved school that fashioned most our experiences throughout our young adult lives. I truly believe that this educational establishment had a positive impact on our lives, while laying the foundation for our future successes. Since graduating, many of us continue to make sacrifices for education in an attempt to create an unbiased, non-prejudicial society that accepts all regardless of race, sex, or ethnicity.  Because of CA Johnson High School, we have become productive citizens who have sought justice and equality for all. 

     It is perhaps no accident that our illustrious class has witnessed radical change in our world. When we graduated in 1967 the world was moving into a direction of equal rights and just legislature.  The women of our class would be some of the first to serve on juries as the General Assembly amended the state constitution allowing women to serve in this capacity.  Many of us would now be allowed to marry any one of our choosing regardless of race because of the Supreme Court’s decision to end laws against interracial marriages.  Our graduating class also witnessed a time of firsts.  We celebrated the appointment of Thurgood Marshall as the 1st black Supreme Court Justice and Major Robert H. Lawrence, Jr. the 1st black astronaut.  The class of 1967 entered a new world with never before seen opportunities and experiences.  The graduation of the 381 students from

CA Johnson High School was a momentous occasion not just for us but for our changing world.   

     Because of the commitment that Justice Marshall and Major Lawrence made, we must continue to honor their legacy. Education should continue to be a front runner not only in our lives, but in our society and culture. Just as Marshall and Lawrence did, we too must continue to elevate ourselves through education.   

     Some of us have interlaced education with family rearing; others have retired from the educational arena and traded our pencil and pad for a puzzle book, fishing pole or for some, a rocking chair. I encourage you; however, to continue educating yourself, keep your mind sharp. With the internet and non-traditional schools education can be within your grasp regardless of your circumstances.

     Many changes in our lives have forced us to view our society from different paradigms. Not only has technology changed and influenced the way we live and do things, but it also dictates how and when we do things. We can equate the changes as either good or bad.

     As the calendar pages turn while the weeks, months, and years are counted off we see the faces of classmates’ fade into the archives of history. We are deeply saddened by those who have embarked on that long, dark journey alone, but we must remember that we are all born to die.  Someday we too must walk this chilly path.

     Today, however, we celebrate life, and I am happy to be a part of this celebration.  I have proudly watched the class of 1967 emerge and evolve into a beautiful CA Johnson Hornet. We are fortunate to have a dedicated class reunion committee. I would like to thank each member for their interest and efforts in making our 45th year reunion a successful and memorable occasion.

Yours Truly,

Naomi Griffin Samuel

Class of “67”