Gordon Neff

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Gordon Neff
Residing In: Guthrie, OK USA
Occupation: retired electronics technical writer
Children: Bradell; Alaya; Zor
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ASEE degree from Ohio College of Applied Science in Cincinnati. BSEE from Purdue University. Worked for IBM in New York state and California silicon valley. Later worked for Lockheed Missiles and Space in California plus several other silicon valley companies as an electronics technical writer. Moved to Oklahoma and worked for the US Postal Service Maintenance Technical Support center and on staff for Oklahoma State University. Purchased National Historic Landmark railroad depot building in Guthrie Oklahoma and established a restaurant, model railroad museum, and event center in building. Currently acting as a pro-se real estate law attorney.

School Story:

Operated technical team while at Colonel White and worked on several school productions of The Diary oif Anne Frank, Brididoon, The King and I, among other productions. We borrowed much of the professional lighting systems from NCR auditorium to produce a broadway quality production. Used carbon arc spotlights from the Colonel White auditorium control room in balcony. During one production the lights blew the outside transformers since we were drawing so much power for the circuits.

Established a school club called "ardvarks" and printed up buttons for members to wear that said "KRAV" which represeted a greeting of "Vark" backwards. Members greated each other in the halls using a reverse hand greeting consisting of moving ones hand from a raised-at-the elbow position downward in a clawed craming motion.

Hated gym class so we tried to get passes to get out of gym to set up various school events. At one point we got the school advisor to sign a pass with a bold dark pen. We then took this signiture to Dayton Stencil Works and had two signature rubber stamps made. We gave one to the teacher as a birthday gift for him to use to sign passes with. We kept the second one for ourselves, stole a pad of blank passes, and than stamped as many passes as we wanted at any time.

We needed keys to the auditoriaum and steam tunnels under the auditorium, so we borrowed them at one time from the assistant principal. We then ran out and had copies made, then returned the set to the assistant principal. No one ever knew.

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