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Welcome to the "School Library" -- where you'll find printed items of interest from back in the day at Mark Twain Elementary School.

We're also using this Library to archive things that have appeared on our Home Page in the past. So if you are missing something you've seen before, there's a good chance we archived it here.

Do you remember this 1966 hit by Bob Kuban and The In-Men?

The song "blasted to the top of the charts on St. Louis' Sing-A-Long Survey" and was #1 on Billboard's, St. Louis Top Sellers for three weeks.  It hit  #12 on the National Charts, #5 on Toronto's CHUM Hit Parade, and #7 in Australia.

Do you still have the 45 rpm?  (Not surprisingly - I do!)  Enjoy! 


Historic Florissant Challenge 1-30-13

Here's a Challenge from the Facebook Page of Historic Florissant:

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Posted 01-30-2013

Holiday Greetings from The Mark Twain Dynamite News, December 1975

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Posted 12-21-2012

Happy Holidays from The Mark Twain Times, Dec 1973

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Posted 12-11-12


The Mark Twain Times, October 1973

Click on the image and See "All The News That Was Fit To Print"  (at Mark Twain) 

posted 12-01-2012

Class of 1979

Here's a Picasa web album link to Mrs. Gaida's Kindergarten class of 1972-73.  Everyone has been identified. Please feel free to comment or help us locate these classmates.

Class of 1979 

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Posted 11-13-12

September Means Back to School

Do you know us?


The year was 1965. The month is September and these two girls are on their way to Mark Twain for their first day of 2nd Grade.

Do you have pictures from your first days of school?  Please post them on your personal page!

Mark Twain Yearbook 1973-74


The only Mark Twain Yearbook ever published! Do you recognize any faces? Please help us identify your classmates.  

Follow the Picasa web album link where you can get a better look at those faces! Then comment on the web album OR Contact Us with the page, coordinates, and names. You can also post them in our facebook group. 

Picasa Web Album

Posted 7-30-2012, Updated 10-06-2012

Grade School Gazette, 2nd Edition

More news from Mark Twain Elementary hot off the duplicating press!

Posted 8-10-2011


More news from Mark Twain Elementary hot off the duplicating press!


Posted 8-10-2011