Tommie JanE Glover Folk

Profile Updated: May 19, 2009
Class Year: 1966
Residing In: Santa Fe, TX USA
Spouse/Partner: Ronnie
Occupation: Admin Assistant
Children: Tonya - 1967
Ronnie Jr. passed away age 37 - 1969
Erica - 1972
Keith - 1973
Casey More…- 1974
We have 2 grand daughters and 3 grandsons
Yes! Attending Reunion

Ronnie and I raised our children in Humble, and it was like a mini northside, as our kids went to school with: James and Bettye Workmans, David Tickners, George Freshours, Terry Liles, Kenneth and Kelly Corleys, Carolyn Wrights and we lived across the street from Carl and Mary White for a while. Like we never left Sam at times.
We left Humble and moved back to Houston (Jersey Village) and had to get out of the rat race. Moved to Bayou Vista on the water till Rita scared the beegeebee's out of us and moved to Santa Fe just up the road to 5 acres and love the peace and quiet.
Ronnie had double by-pass last Sept right before Hurricane Ike and am so blessed to say is doing wonderful.
Still see and talk to Gwynn Thompson Gibbs, Orean Crooks Jones, Marilyn Roach Tanner, Kay Mitchell Godwin, Karlene Carlin Vinas, Tommy Moody, Joel Sewel, Rodger Garneau, Terry Liles and wife Bea, Barney (Buddy) Williams and Peggy,Jonny Jones, Jesse Tanner, more than I can think of.
Old friends never leave you.

School Story:

There are loads, most of them with Baba, Joy Newman, Sharon Davis, Gwynn and Linda Thompson, Wilma Wilson, Charlotte Everett, Christine Sydelko, Barbara Dagley......lord School was too much fun and we did some crazy things!

What song reminds you most of your high school years at Sam Houston?

anything from BJ Thomas and Roy Head - they would come to Dance Town and all us girls would go and dance. Beach Boys, Elvis, and good ole rock and roll.

Were you in any SHHS clubs or on any SHHS sports teams?

Bowling Club, softball.

Did you have any favorite SHHS teachers?

Ms. Whitmore, loved her! Mr. Echoff and Mr. Terry both biology. Mr. Terry came to little league game in Humble and spotted Ronnie and I and remembered both of us. Not so sure that is a good thing but was neat.

What were your favorite hangouts in high school?

Rainbow, Winklers, Dance Town, Baba's house, Gwynn's house, Irvington and Airline Drive Inns.

What would have been a typical weekend for you in high school?

Skating before we could drive and spending the night at Baba's or Gwynns and wrapping houses.
Once got my license, it was mostly Winklers.

Who do you think has changed the most since high school?

Children have no respect, teachers are not allowed to teach and the dress code is sad.
We had no air conditioning, had to wear panty hose and dresses and lordy don't make the mistake of being disrepectful, got busted at school and twice at home. Not today and is very sad.

What has been your biggest lesson you've learned in life since high school?

Life is what you make of it. You have choices in life and either you learn from them or not, but they are your choices. Don't blame everyone else for where you are or how you got there.
Life is short, never ever take a day, nor a person you truly care about for granted. Loosing my dearest friend and my oldest son have been life experiences that have taken me from the deepest black holes that I wasn't ever sure I could come back from. God has always been there and with his Grace and Mercy has always brought me back and with the everlasting friendships that I have and the love of a wonderful man and family I have learned that I am a very blessed person.

What, if anything, would you pass on to the future Tigers, and those getting ready to begin their lives after SHHS?

Listen to the older ones, that means really pay attention because you think you know it all and trust me you don't have a clue. Some have to learn by falling down, but if you are one of the wise; sit back and listen.

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