This page is for photos of things that happend while we were in school that made us proud!  Our milestones!  Our moments!  Not everything we did was worthy of a state title, but they carried us along the way.  So, if you want to add something to this page, please send it to me and I will post it. (Please be kind, I have to screen all the submissions...)  And dd a caption, so folks know what is going on in the photo. 

Randy Hord

Yep, that's Randy!   The infamous motorcycle... what more can we say? Looks like he was at the "scene of the crime" when this photo was taken.  I bet the Statute of Limitations has run out by now!!!

Here is the article that appeared in the Herald.

Who Was Masked Rider...?

Return with us to those thrilling moments of last Thursday.  From out of the bus parking lot comes the guttural sound of a Kawasaki.  The Masked Rider rides again…
It was like a scene out of “Smokey and The Bandit” but it really happened at Kings Mountain Senior High last Thursday.
According to the numerous witnesses the incident took place about 8:35 am, shortly after school convened.  An unidentified youth decided to let the good times roll as he rode his Kawasaki through the hallowed halls of KMSHS.
Later in an assembly program, Principal Forrest Wheeler referred to the youth as “The masked rider.”
The youth wore a white crash helmet with goggles over a face mask, a green shirt jacket, dark pants and black riding boots. He gunned his bike out of the bus parking lot, climbed two flights of stairs, roared down the halls and out another door to disappear in a cloud of dust.
The students thought it was hilarious.
The teacher’s didn’t. The Masked Rider had forgotten to register at the office.
 Joel Rountree, Bud Bumbardner, and Dean Westmoreland quickly went into a huddle while the masked rider cut wheelies in the hallway.  They formed a vigilante committee and set out on shank’s mare to run the masked man down and bring him to justice. But, he got away.
It just goes to show you that you can always tell when the end of school is near.

 Chuck Gordon

Chuck Gordon with his trophies, enough said.  He made us PROUD to be Mountaineers!