Reunion Photos

If you can't tell, YES we had a great time.  It was great to see everyone!  I'll get bigger images of the class photo and teachers' photo soon.  There are  lots of photos to see on this page.  So, get a frosty beverage and prepare to laugh! 

Class Photo


Teachers Photo


We had more than 14 of the teachers and faculty there.  Several had to leave before the photo was taken.  Pictured (l-r front) Sandra Bumgardner, Bill Alexander, and Kathy Goforth.  Back row (l-r) Allen Dixon, Phil Bryson, Blaine Froneberger, Joe Rountree, and Steve Baker.

Not pictured: Carolyn Mcwhirter, Chris Cole, B.S. (Sonny) Peeler, Dean Westmoreland, and Betsy Wells.

Friday Night Football Game at East Gaston

When we left the football game, the score was around 42 - 14... If you haven't been to EAST GASTON before... all I can say is, "Now I know exactly how to get to the boonies!"

Sammy's After The Game

Loretta, Cindy, Elaine, and Rhonda

Chillin' After The Game.  Elaine did a great job coordinating the event and choosing Sammy's in Belmont to gather after the game.

Jerry, Steve, and Joe

Scott Summit Golf Outing


Becky (Scott's Sister.)

Scott's wife, Kathy.

Kathy Tees-Off!

Steve Laughter, Tim (Cotton) Chapman, and Joe Hord

Jerry & Alan

Afternoon Gathering


Oh!  Tammy and Miss Dee!

 Miss Dee & Me (Loretta)

Tammy and Miss Dee

Loretta, Tammy, Miss Dee, and Norma

Jerry, Jimmy, and Cotton chillin' after a round of golf! (Jerry and Jimmy handled the outing.)


Nancy and Elaine

Checking out photos from the yearbook!

Reunion Event

Debbie and Sam getting everyone checked-in!

Valerie Shipp Hunter and her husband, Kenneth,  checking-in.

Carolyn McWhirter, Sandra Bumgardner, Michael and Deborah Hayes Conrad, and Dr. John David Reed.

Brother & Sister, Steve and Mimi.

 Getting Down with the Class of '78.

 Jerry & Desiree

Clifford Shank and Carmen with Phyllis Mack (I can't tell who is on the far right.  Let me know and I'll update).

Scoot (Poovey) and Allen Baird.

 Jerry & Tim (Cotton)

Who said we are too old to party?

P.A.R.T.Y. Party Hearty at KM High!


Cindy, Steve, Lisa, and Mimi

Bill Alexander and his wife.  Mr. Alexander is 90 years young!

Lanny and Miss Dee. (Lanny Thornburg is Tammy's husband. He's in  the Class of '73.)

Chuck, Steve, and Terry.
The Boys Are Back In Town!

Mr. Froneberger and Mr. Dixon - having a good time!


 Jerry & Steve

Kathy Goforth and Lanny.

Angel, Steve, Jerry, & Desiree

Wow, doesn't the stage look great!  Special thanks to Debbie Jackson, Elaine Ledford Holman, Tammy Thornburg, Steve Laughter, Cindy Morrow 
Benton, and Loretta Husky Cozart for memoriabilia.

Lanny and Sandra Bumgardner... Man, they can dance!

Steve and Angela (MIss Dee).

Mr. Froneberger, Tammy, and Mr. Dixon.

Boogie Fever! Poovey in one of his rare appearances OFF the stage...

Steve and Alan.. buds since they were five!

Steve and Mimi

Folks getting reacquainted! There's Stan Alexander & Mimi.

Steve and Deborah Hayes Conrad

Steve and Brad... one of two new adopted classmates! Brad kissed everbody!!! Yes, everybody. Watch out Steve!!!

Dr. Joel Wright and Tammy.

Kip (Our newest adopted classmate...  He keeps reminding me of that! ) and Loretta. 

Scott "Poovey" Pitman and Steve

Pennie and Jerry gettin' down with their bad selves!

Jim, Joe, and Steve

Mr. Westmoreland is still "Splanin' Stuff"!


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