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08/22/08 02:44 PM #19    

Kim Porter (Tate)

Class of 1978

Thank you so much for thinking of us during this difficult time. Your kindness and comfort is greatly appreciated.

Kim, Brooks, & Kristen Tate

08/22/08 09:42 PM #20    

Judy Henderson

Great job to all involved in the planning committee. The website is awesome and I'm looking forward to hearing from everyone!
The last couple of weeks have been tough in hearing about the loss of Scott and Greg. My thoughts and prayers go out to both famiies and the friends they have in the class of '78'. See you at the reunion!!!

08/23/08 10:12 AM #21    

Angela Bumgarner (Fouss)

I also chatted with Scott and checked out his picture. As Jim Payseur said, if not for this website we would'nt have connected at all after 30 years. He was a fun-loving guy, wasn't he?

My many thoughts are for Kim and her family. No words can express my sorrow.

08/24/08 11:28 PM #22    


Loretta Husky (Cozart)

Dear Classmates:

The last few weeks have been tough, with the loss of our dear classmates, Scott and Greg. We will miss them, but know in our hearts they will always be with us.

I didn't know Greg well, but I've known Kim a long time. Our thoughts and prayers go out to their family.

I’ve known Scott since 7th grade and knew his photo right-off in Jim Payseur’s posting. Scott’s joke with the "John Travolta - Before / Donkey from Shrek - After" was just too funny. Kathy, our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family, too.

As we approach our reunion, we have to remember to celebrate our class each and every day. Steve Laughter says our class "knew how to have a good time". I believe he is right... check out his profile. He's been having way too much fun!

In any case, let's celebrate our class... and our friendships. These are the moments of our lives that we need to slow down and appreciate. They go by way too fast!

Until October, stay safe, reconnect, and take a moment to laugh with the friends you grew-up with.....

08/25/08 04:31 PM #23    


Loretta Husky (Cozart)

Do you guys remember Wes Narron and either Tommy Bridges or Mike Bumgardner reading Steve Martin's Grandma's song during announcements? Part of it went like:

Be courteous, kind and forgiving,
Be gentle and peaceful each day,
Be warm and human and grateful,
And have a good thing to say.

Be thoughtful and trustful and childlike,
(O.K. everybody on this!)
Be witty and happy and wise,
Be honest and love all your neighbors,
Be obsequious, purple, and clairvoyant.
(Let 'em hear you outside!)

Be pompous, obese, and eat cactus,
(Everybody sing!)
Be dull, and boring, and omnipresent,
Criticize things you don't know about,
Be oblong and have your knees removed.

(Ladies only)
Be tasteless, rude, and offensive,
(Now the men)
Live in a swamp and be three dimensional,
Put a live chicken in your underwear,
Go into a closet and suck eggs.

After that, all announcements had to be approved in advance! It was hilarious....

08/25/08 09:13 PM #24    

Ray Clemmer

Loretta,! Where did you get that titbit of class Trivia>! Personally i dont remember it but i'm sure it was great to have heard it.

08/26/08 01:02 PM #25    


Loretta Husky (Cozart)

In our Sophomore year, I remember hearing announcements and devotions every morning. And, everyday, things went along as usual. Then, one average ordinary day, I remember hearing Wes Narron read "...Put a live chicken in your underwear" ... and thought... "OMG, that's Steve Martin's joke!" The intercom fell silent.

After that, all devotions had to be approved prior to being read. It was funny, though. I do hope whatever punishment they received wasn't too harsh. There are a lot of worse things folks could have done for a prank.

Needless to say, it was one of the funniest devotions I have ever heard.

Someone told me about a VW Bug on the Stage of Barnes Auditorium... maybe in our Junior year... does anyone have pictures of that?

08/26/08 06:22 PM #26    

Larry (Joe) Hord

does anyone know what happened to christy bowen who was with us thru junior year?

09/02/08 03:37 PM #27    


Loretta Husky (Cozart)

Be sure to look at the new section called "Milestones". It is an opportunity to post photos from High School that help mark our own milestones.

Our first post if for Chuck Gordon, since he is so modest and probably wouldn't do it himself. I took the liberty to honor him.

Send me photos of things you want posted. (Keep it nice, since I have to approve everything.) Anyhow, I'm still waiting on a photo of that VW on the stage of Barnes Auditorium. Perhaps it is an urban legend? Without a photo, we'll never know. Thanks for all your help on this.

09/13/08 09:32 AM #28    


Loretta Husky (Cozart)


Thanks for your questions about the reunion. Folks are signing-up daily and I'll post a list of those that have responded next week.

We have invited as many teachers as we can find. So far, Ed Guy, Carolyn McWhirter, Dean Westmoreland, Mrs. Gamble, Betsy Wells, and Joe Rountree have confirmed they will be there. Phil Bryson usually attends, but I haven't gotten confirmation on his being there yet. The same for Allen Dixon... and Mr. Deal. But, I feel confident that they will be there. If you know any of these folks personally, please encourage them to attend.

Our DJ comes highly recommended. He has a mirror ball, smoke machine, and a huge music library. I have asked him to play music from the mid to late 1970s and early 1980s. But, he can take requests that aren’t limited to that period.

Our photographer is going to be there all evening to take our "Class Photo" along with candid shots. Each photo will cost $5 or $10. A video will be available to order for $20 that will have all the images he gets that night.

I've been working on a contests for the event, it being a photo contest of classmates when they were toddlers. Whoever identifies the most classmates will win a prize. The success of this depends upon how many classmates respond. If I did not ask you for a photo, but you want to participate, please send me a digital photo in a jpeg format.

Additional recognition will be given for the classmates who come the farthest... are most changed, least changed, most children.... etc.

If any of you have prizes you want to provide for us to use for these contests or recognitions, let me know. And, if you have ideas for a contest or some type of activity at the event, let me know. We are definitely open to more ideas. We'll just need your help managing them.

Most of you know about the East Gaston football game on Friday night, October 3rd. After the game, we are going to Sammy's in Belmont. Go Mountaineers! Let Elaine Holman know if you want to go with us. It is going to be fun.

The next morning, there is a golf outing at the KM Country Club. It is open to classmates and teachers who want to play. We named it for Scott Summit and want to remember him in a positive way darning this outing. Even if you don't play, come out and support our golfers. Afterward, folks are eating lunch at the CC Grill.

In place of the normal picnic, we are planning a gathering at J. Oliver's downtown at 1 pm. Details on this are being hammered out now. So, we'll keep you posted on the details as they are firmed up.

We will need help decorating the American Legion. It lacks a lot in ambiance, but we can get beyond that. We'll meet at the hall at 9:30 am and work until the afternoon gathering. If necessary, we will go back and finish that up before we gather at 6 pm.

Deborah Hayes is making out name tags. We are looking forward to see how that turns out. Thanks Deborah.

Just so you all know, Debbie Hullender has been amazing finding all but 21 of our classmates. If you know how to contact any of those 21, please do. We want EVERYONE there. Be sure to thank Debbie for her hard work. I am going to start calling her Sherlock!

Our Reunion Team is comprised of Ray Clemmer, Jewel Reavis, Debbie Hullender, and me. Elaine Holman is coordinating the Football Game. And, Jerry Jackson and Jimmy McNeilly are arranging for the golf outing.

And, finally, I would be remiss if I didn't say this...

Tammy Ross Thornburg is the matriarch of the Kings Mountain High School Class of '78 and we owe her a debt of gratitude. Tammy planned years of reunions, with little or no help. Thank you, Tammy! Due to your efforts our class remains connected and strong! Your love of our Class it the glue that binds us. Thank you for your work, support, love, and friendship. We will forever be indebted to you.


09/13/08 10:40 AM #29    


Loretta Husky (Cozart)


I wanted to give a "shout out" to Ray Clemmer, who converted 80 plus slides to digital images and created the Video for our website. He sifted through about 150 and narrowed the choices down to what we have here. This was a BIG project, involving lots of hours and significant sacrifice on his part.

Please let Ray know that you appreciate the work he did... He is unable to join us for the reunion, so he won't be there to hear us signing his praises. Good job, Ray!

09/15/08 04:14 PM #30    


Loretta Husky (Cozart)

Hey Everybody,

Thanks for the kind words to the Reunion Team. It takes all of us to get this reunion planned. So, if any of you know the classmates we cannot find, please encourage them to participate. If nothing else, get them to sign-on and fill in their info. Or, just send it to me and I'll add it. I know some of these folks are still in KM and the surrounding area. So, go get 'em!

Patsy Barnett
Roger Bell- Jr.
Deborah Blanton
Chris Brooks
Ramona Burris
Terry Carthen
Kenneth David Harrison
Leslie F. Herndon
Sherry Howell
Dianne Justice (King)
Phillip Lefevers
Robert Lefevers
Gloria Owensby
David Platt
Conrad Craig Robinson
Nancy Eve Rowell (Page)
Marcia Simmons
Rodger Stoll
Teresa Whitman (Whetstine)
Eugene Williams
Chuck Worcester

If you go to the "Home Page" and see the section that shows where people live, you will see that 21 have locations unknown. If you click on that number, you will see who remains unlocated.

Thanks for all your help in finding these folks. We hope to find everyone before October 4th.... or at least reduce that number below 10. That's my goal and I'm sticking to it....


09/25/08 07:58 PM #31    

Trip Norman McGill

Thank you to the Reunion Committee for all of your hard work. Through my work at Ashbrook High School as Senior Class Advisor for the past 12 classes, I am now beginning to help classes plan their ten year reunions, so I know a little of the hard work you all are putting in for the Class of 78. I regret that I won't be able to come to the Reunion as I am playing the music for a Wedding in Hendersonville NC for one of my camp counselors who asked me to play for the wedding back in January. I hope everything goes well and I sure have enjoyed hearing about everyone on this website. Thank you for your hard work! Trip McGill

09/28/08 08:34 PM #32    


Loretta Husky (Cozart)

Science Club Camping Trip: Junior or Senior Year. Wow! Remember the trips with Mr. Bryson, Mrs. Lavender, and the Earl of Claude? Does anyone have any good photos from those trips? I'll have to dig to find any. But, Mr. Brsyon and Mr. & Mrs. Lavendar are SAINTS for putting up with us.

Our Senior Year, we took John David Snipe hunting. I felt so bad for doing that. How could we be mean to John David? But, he was always a good sport and seemed to take our joking well. (We love you, JD, and are so happy you are coming to the reunion.) See you all next week.


09/30/08 12:34 PM #33    

Cindy Leech (Wood)

Hi everone !! I am Cindy Leech Wood and if you"re out and about in KM this week come by and see me! I work at First National Bank ( right beside Bridges Hardware ).

10/03/08 07:46 AM #34    


Loretta Husky (Cozart)

Note from Gina Patterson Robinson:

I'm not going to be able to attend the reunion this weekend. I'm disappointed and hate that I'll be missing the chance to see old classmates and reconnect after 30 years. I know you all will have a great time! Our campaign is going very well, but it's "crunch time" and I just feel I need to be here. Thanks for all the work you and the committee have done getting ready for the big weekend. I look forward to e-mails and pictures of the goodtime!

10/03/08 07:48 AM #35    


Loretta Husky (Cozart)

Note from Betsy Wells:

thank you so much for the emails and the awesome website. The reunion sounds like it's going to be so much fun!!! But I have a commitment to be in Asheville on the night of Oct. 4th representing NCAE, along with Mr & Mrs. Westmoreland.

Please give everyone my best and I promise to be there at the next reunion. Again I'm so very sorry!!! Can't wait to hear all about it.

10/03/08 07:49 AM #36    


Loretta Husky (Cozart)

Note from Jackie Lavender:

What a great year 1978 was! Greetings to all of you. I surely would love to see you and "catch up". I have been retired five years now--hard to believe, because 77-78 seems only five years ago!

I want to send special greetings to my homeroom, chemistry, physics, and Science Club students. So many good memories. And Chuck Gordon is a high school principal--fantastic! I will be in Charleston visiting daughter Lynn; otherwise, I would be at the reunion. The Earl of Claude says "hello" to the Science Club as well.

Thanks to Loretta and Debbie for all their work. Have a fantastic reunion--I'll be sure to make the next one.

Love to everyone,
Jackie Lavender

10/03/08 07:53 AM #37    


Loretta Husky (Cozart)


On Monday, Billy Hughes hurt his back and is unable to attend the reunion. He is just sick over the situation. He asked that I share with everyone his hopes for a great reunion.

Please keep Billy in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks so much.


10/05/08 12:34 AM #38    

Sandra Gann (Ballew)

Well just got home, and I can't tell you guys how much fun I had! It was so great seeing all of you. Debbie, Loretta pat yourself on the back you did a fantastic job! The Reunion was a success! I wish we could have one every 5 years. Time flys by so quick and you never know if we will be here or not and it is important that we keep in touch and remember what we meant to each other. To all that played a part in the putting this reunion together, whether it was finding people, planing, decorating, etc, GOOD JOB AND GOD BLESS!

Love to all,
Sandra "Sam" Gann Ballew

10/06/08 09:28 AM #39    

Tammy Ross (Thornburg)


10/06/08 10:46 AM #40    

Lisa Bridges (Bolt)

I had a blast at the Reunion. To all who put it together - GREAT job. It was so good to see everyone. The class of 78 is the best.

10/06/08 07:54 PM #41    


Sonya McAbee (Gregory)

Oh My Gosh! Did everyone have as good a time as I had seeing everyone again? I wish the night had not ended! Sorry I didn't get to speak to everyone. I saw so many of you that I wanted to talk to, but just couldn't get around to everyone. We needed just a little bit more time, didn't we? All of you looked Fantastic! Lets all really stay in touch, and do this again real soon! Love You All!

10/07/08 11:27 PM #42    

George Poovey Pittman Jr

Just wanted to jump on here and give a tremendous "THANKS" to all who made our 30 Year Reunion such a success. Everything was done so wonderfully well. How 'bout that stage looking so good, huh? No. 89 was the first thing that caught my eye as I walked thru the doors to the hall as I glanced towards the stage (of course that's where I always am so, it's inherent I look there first...heehee), I've received quite a few post party emails, more about my wife than myself of course. She really wanted to be there to meet all of you. Our next get together, she will join me for sure. She sends well wishes and a big thank you for taking care of me.

THANKS again to Loretta along with everyone else who put it all together.

Also, THANKS for The KM website which is the heartbeat for allowing us to get/stay in touch with one that, boys and girls is...PRICELESS!
VISA/MASTERCARD CARD should put THAT in their TV commercial.

All the best to my fellow Mountaineers...I love you all.


10/23/08 12:46 PM #43    

Billy Hughes

Note From Billy (Bill) G. Hughes:

I still can not believe that I was unable to be at the reunion. I was so excited about attending and had even contacted numerous classmates in advance requiring their attendance. I promise you all that I was definitely not a "No-Show" based on choice. Unfortunately, I had to cancel my flight at the last minute due to a medical emergency that surfaced on the Monday prior to the reunion date. I painfully encountered a herniated disk w/nerve impingement to my left hip/leg/foot. Does that tell my age or what? Now, if I had been "Break Dancing" like many of you (courtesy of the great photographs,) I possibly could have accepted defeat with a back problem. But people, I was just getting out of bed (Ha)! Go figure! But the evidence was truly in the pictures. Everyone looked so great. And I missed each and everyone. I intentionally did not post any photographs of me on my profile because I wanted to see if anyone would recognize me at the reunion. And no Kathy Jackson, I did not have an "operation" as you daringly posed in the form of a question (I LOVE YOU KATHY). I just wanted to embrace the group with no sense of expectation, but every element of surprise. I will post a photograph on my profile so everyone will know that I'm still the same ole Bill. I just turned 48 on September 28th, and I hosted my own birthday party on the rooftop of one of Tupleo's best restaurants (my opinion) Park Heights. The party raised funds for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and it was a blast. But still, not the blast you all had. To the reunion team, "Thank You" for all you did, and are doing, to keep our class family together. Please continue to plan future events, and I promise "I'LL BE THERE"!

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