Well, through the efforts of MANY classmates, we have a video with photographs from our senior year.  Trip McGill gave the slides to Tammy Thornburg, who passed them on to Loretta Cozart a few weeks ago.  Loretta spoke to Ray Clemmer, and he agreed to create a DVD for us.  It get's kind of complicated, but the results are great. Thanks, Ray, for your hard work.

You can view the video in the Classs Chat Room by clicking here and then clicking on the play button in the center of the screen.  Get out your tissues... it's a good one...  Enjoy!

Oh, and if you want a copy of the DVD, they will be available at the reunion for $10... not a bad investment to recapture a part of your childhood.  Just let Ray know through his profile and he'll get a copy prepared for you.