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LSHS 2020 Grad-Night PartyTicket Sales/Registration

What is it? Senior Grad Night is a very popular Lake Stevens HS tradition where students are whisked away by buses on graduation night and taken to secret, safe & sober venues for a night of fun & celebration! 

What is included? Transportation provided to amazing SECRET locations and back again to LSHS the next morning. Includes all food, all activities and all adult chaperones! 

Why it’s a MUST DO! Your student will have an AMAZING time with all their friends at these TOP-SECRET locations and make memories to last a lifetime! 


  • There is a cost to attend your Grad-Night (after graduation) Party. Ticket Package options are available for purchase below this event detail info.  
  • You can pay for your ticket packages and gear in a couple of ways.
    • Credit Card
      • Online during checkout
    • Monthly Payment Plan
      • For deatils contact Lisa Brittain at
  • If you'd like to attend but need some financial help, please use the "Contact Us" link at the top right.  There are a limited number of full/partial sponsorship options available on a first come/first serve basis.  
  • Parents - please consider using one of the DONATE options to help sponsor students who could use a little financial help in attending. Fundraising efforts are underway to help keep ticket package prices down and to support classmates that might need some (full/partial) financial help to attend but we need your help.
  • All students are required to have a signed Grad-Night Party Agreement on hand with the Parent Committee event team in advance of the party on June 9, 2020. If a student has a Life-threatening food allergy or medical condition, a signed ECP (Emergency Care Plan) form is also required to be on hand with the Parent Committee event team prior to June 9, 2020. Both forms are available for printing on this website (upper left menu) and can be delivered to a Parent Committee memeber on one of the select dates they will be at the school.  There will be Parent Committee members available in the cafeteria during selected dates. The dates will be published on the home page when established. 
  • Sweatshirts include the names of all 2020 Senior Class members printed on the back. Students registered at LSHS as of 9/1/2019 will be included.
  • Future orders will be placed the first of each month with shirts available for those orders apx. 3 weeks later (end of each month). Gear orders will close on May 1, 2020


If you would rather contact the Grad Night treasurer directly for monthly payment plans, please email Lisa Brittain at